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Adullam University - www.adullamuniversity.org
Raising Leaders Through Integrity.

Adullam University is established to provide quality education to enrich Christian living, enhance practical service, and equip individuals for ministerial placement. Adullam University is a partner with Koinonia Bible College (KBC) which affirms that every Christian is a minister. Our academic program is designed to enable believers to discover, develop, and deploy their spiritual gifts. ADULLAM UNIVERSITY provides scholarly teaching, Spirit-filled mentoring, and hands-on internship to promote in students a solid grip on sound doctrine, a visionary sense of multi-faceted ministry, and a balanced lifestyle of Christian maturity. The degree programs of ADULLAM UNIVERSITY are solely for religious vocations.

Vision Statement
Creating a community of Christian learners that leaps over traditional walls of division and unites believers in the common faith and fellowship of Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement
To train and equip the next generation of spirit filled leaders with integrity who will proclaim with power the gospel of Jesus Christ into the nations of the world.

Why Should I Enroll?
A degree from ADULLAM UNIVERSITY will give a student the personal satisfaction of completing a formal higher-education program, the dignity of holding a degree from a recognized college, the knowledge for more effective ministry, and the educational credibility that increases marketability for employment.

May All Christians Enroll?
ADULLAM UNIVERSITY specializes in educating, not indoctrinating. ADULLAM UNIVERSITY is a non-denominational, independent college. The basic and essential doctrines of Christianity will be taught with emphasis upon effective practical ministry. Christians from a wide variety of backgrounds will enjoy the rich diversity and common faith that is promoted within the fellowship of the College.

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