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Radical Women for Christ
A Ministry of Empowerment and Restoration

• To teach and equip women in other to identify and occupy their God given destiny’s to live their lives in a responsible, productive and prosperous way.
• To help women in achieving self esteem without loosing their identity as a wife, mother, mentor, sister, friend, and home maker.
• To nurture the gifts of God in them to bring it to reality.

Philippians 4:13
" I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (NKJV)

• To assist and encourage women with the calling of God
• Equipping women with the right tools to fulfill their God given destiny or talent.
• Empowering through the teaching of the word of God to walk in the fullness of God
• To restore their self esteem
• Training women to impart the younger generation
• To hold workshops for women by women already in leadership
• To have branches in churches, local communities where women can go for help
• Training women to become the voice to be heard through prayer
• Becoming powerful women of God to be reckoned with.
• To build women of wisdom that will impact their environment positively
• To bring women into a close love and relationship with the Lord through worship

A Radical Woman for Christ - Who is She?

* She is a woman who dares to walk in holiness
* She is a woman who knows her purpose on earth
* She is a woman who is crazy enough to love God and spread the true gospel
* She is selfless and willing to give to others what God has given to her
* She is a woman who refuses to be validated by the world but by God
* She knows that her number one purpose on earth is to please God
* She is prayerful
* She knows the voice of her Father because she studies the Bible
* She knows her worth, yet she is humble and kind
* She trusts in the Lord in all situation and does not lean on her own understanding
* She is beautiful because the glory of God radiates from within her
* She is strong and works in truth without compromise
* She allows God to be the center of her life
* She is a woman, a mother, a sister, a wife, and she is Radical for Christ!

If you are already in the ministry or you believe that God is calling you into one; feel free to join us as we, the Radical Women for Christ are not ashamed to declare the gospel of Jesus Christ boldly, in power, and in truth.
If you have been lead to plant a branch of this ministry in your church or community; do not hesitate to call or write through:

Glorious Ministries Worldwide

Radical Women for Christ
4845 Belair Road
Baltimore, MD 21206

Support us with your prayers and love offering; through the grace of God and your help we shall impart women worldwide till Jesus comes back.











Our Beliefs
Dr. Victoria Michaels
Tabernacle of Praise Church, Baltimore
Tabernacle of Praise Church, Ilorin
Tabernacle of Praise Church, Silver Spring
Adullam Academy
Adullam School of Leadership Training
Adullam University
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