General knowledge questions and answers in tamil 2013 pdf

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general knowledge questions and answers in tamil 2013 pdf

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Which of the following taxes are levied and collected by the Government of India and assigned to the States? Taxes on Railway fares and freights 2. Taxes on the sale and purchase of news papers and on advertisements published therein 3. Taxes on agricultural income 4. Taxes on professions, trades, calling and employment Choose the correct answer from the code given below:.

General Knowledge Questions and Answers,Online GK Download,pdf,2013,2014

Come in teams of 2. Plastic Pollution Story Book - Hindi. Literacy rate in India in has increased by 8 per cent to 73 per cent in comparison to It leads to lowest land prices, and hence offers the poor the best chance for proper housing. Secondly, there are 22 States in our India map blank templates, five autonomous regions, four municipalities and 3 Special Administrative Regions in our India map template of divisions, labeling … F.

SSC Jr. SSC Stenographer Syllabus. SSC Junior Translator. For last few years we have noticed that the questions pattern of any competitive exam is nearly same, so doing exam preparation from the previous year papers is very helpful. You can also use SSC previous year papers for other competitive exam preparation as the questions pattern are nearly same in all competitive exam.

Paper 1. Paper 2. Which among the following was the first JO0 percent organic state in the world? United Nation Climate Action Summit was held at which of the following cities? Given below are two statements, one labelled as Assertion A and the other as Reason R.

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TNPSC Previous Questions - General Studies / General Tamil / General English Free PDF Download

The following sets of general knowledge questions cover the most frequently asked questions from history of India, Indian national movement, Indian and world geography, Indian polity, economic. Unearth gk questions with answers. Unearth gk questions and year. This Tamil gk app will be suitable for all people like school students, college students, adults, and elder people. Tamil Gk Question Answer - preclickbid.

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