Between you and me confessions of a comma queen pdf

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between you and me confessions of a comma queen pdf

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Not sad.

Comma Queen

Let me clue you in. The first editors to comment were developmental editors. Their job is to look broadly at character, plot, story arc, themes. Like novels, memoirs must satisfy in all of these categories. When I handed in my drafts, I was nervous about what these editors might say, and also eager to address their concerns.

I needed to trust my gut when making a choice between their suggestions and my own sense of what had to be said, or eliminated. Now I am very grateful for that process; it made the book better. The other type of editor is a copyeditor. These essential professionals go over the writing word by word and line by line to find mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sometimes in formatting, i.

I hired a very competent woman to line edit the memoir before I turned it into my publisher, who would then layout the pages in book form. When I turned that draft into the publisher, I thought I was done.

But no. What followed once I saw the layout were another 4 drafts of back and forth between me and the layout designer about spacing, font size and style, headers and footers, blank pages, and the bane of my existence: the Oxford comma.

Suffice it to say, the lists of corrections that I sent the designer were long and detailed. Norton, had had any disagreements about style choices. She said yes, but that they had worked them out. I was shocked and dismayed. After the talk, I handed Ms. Norris my newly purchased copy of her book to sign, telling her that, I was both heartened and horrified to hear of her experience, because I was about to have my own first book published.

Just do the best you can. I thanked her, took her instruction as gospel—she had forty years of copyediting experience to my one—and have employed the ruler three times. Most recently, during my final pass, after. Yes, they had made all the changes I asked for, but in so doing had triggered a bizarre software malfunction rendering the layout a mess! I had a morning-long panic attack, took a deep breath, texted my publisher to alert him about the problem, and am now awaiting yet another PDF to review: draft number So I ask only one thing of you, dear Reader: if you find an error in my book, remember that it puts me in good company.

Most recently, during my final pass, after going through the Advance Review Copy see my previous blog post , making my last changes, and then receiving a final PDF from the publisher for me to sign off on, I discovered that not everything was in my control.

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Mary Norris has worked for The New Yorker since , mostly as a copywriter. In Between You and Me , Norris writes about her love of grammar and how she managed to score her dream job. In later chapters, Norris explores burning questions like who put the hyphen in Moby-Dick and why are there so many commas in so much of our writing. The comma was invented by Aldo Manuzio, a Venice printer, in Over time, Norris is convinced that people insert too many commas in much of their writing. Norris analyzes how Emily Dickinson used dashes in her poetry and how Henry James used colons and semi-colons so effectively.

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8qewepeirpoigrk - Read and download Mary Norris's book Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online.

‘Between You & Me,’ by Mary Norris

Let me clue you in. The first editors to comment were developmental editors. Their job is to look broadly at character, plot, story arc, themes.

On Friday, March 23, from to a. Norris, in her career at The New Yorker as a proofreader, editor, and writer, has accumulated many stories about her experiences with writers and editors as well as tremendous knowledge and insight into the issues surrounding usage and style. I should note here that although Norris also staunchly advocates the Oxford comma huzzah! All of her stories, however, are told with humor and understanding of the foibles of others using our very complicated language.

And if you read this blog post, chances are you love to read as well. I read both fiction and nonfiction, but generally prefer books that entertain me rather than tax my brain. Morris has great credentials.

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A legendary New Yorker copy editor's endlessly enjoyable life lessons in spelling and punctuation, grammar and usage. And pencils. From exclamation marks to emoticons, swear words to split infinitives, Mary Norris is the bomb.

Fee Range1: $ 5000 - $8000

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