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21 ways to find peace and happiness pdf

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T he first forty years of my life, I lived without the blessing and benefit of peace; therefore, I can say from experience, life without peace is miserable. One cannot enjoy life without first having peace.

Without it, we live in turmoil—always worried, anxious, and upset about something. I came to a point in my life of being so hungry for peace that I was willing to make whatever changes were necessary in order to have it.

As a result of that decision and the investment I made during the following years, I now enjoy a life of peace that often passes understanding. I am not saying that I have arrived at a state of perfection in my pursuit of peace, but I have made a lot of progress.

As the apostle Paul said in Philippians , I have not arrived but I press on. There were times in my life when I could be peaceful if everything was going my way, but since that seldom occurred, I rarely had peace. Now I have learned to change what I can change, accept what I cannot change, and regularly seek wisdom to know the difference.

This leaves me free to enjoy my life. A life of frustration and struggle, a life without peace, is the result of trying to do something about something you cannot do anything about. Once we realize we are struggling with something and feel upset, we need to start praying and immediately turn the situation over to God. You and I are not called to a life of frustration and struggle. Jesus came so we could have righteousness, peace, and joy see Romans Simply desiring peaceful relations is not enough.

In this book, I will share with you many things within these three areas of relationships that needed to change in order for me to enjoy peace. If you sincerely want a life of peace, you will need to be willing to change too. Peace does not just come; we have to pursue, crave, and go after it. Walking in peace must be a priority, or we will not make the effort needed to see it happen. I spent years praying for God to give me peace and finally realized He had already provided peace, but I had to appropriate it.

Not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. We can see that Jesus has already provided peace, so now we must take action and stop responding to unpleasant things by being upset.

Being upset certainly does not change anything, but it does make us—as well as the people around us—miserable. Jesus made the statement recorded in John after His death and resurrection and prior to His ascension into heaven.

There were many things He could have taught His disciples, but He chose to talk about peace. This fact alone reminds me of how important peace is. What a tragedy it would be if we spent our lives without peace when it was available all the time. But some, even Christians, still lack peace because they have not responded to the leading of the Holy Spirit simply to do what is right.

Perhaps somebody else got what they wanted. We must trust that God is totally and completely just, which means He always makes wrong things right if we continue to lean on Him. God is perfect; He never does anything wrong. We need to trust God beyond what we see and beyond what we know. We cannot have peace without that trust in God. We tend to think that the persons with the greatest faith are the ones who get the miracles.

We make so much out of miracles when they happen. We think, Oh, what great faith they have! They got a miracle. I think the greater faith is in those who have to walk it out and decide to love God anyway.

They stay in church, give their tithes and offerings, and stay full of peace. That is remarkable faith, in my opinion. Thomas wanted proof that Jesus really had risen from the dead. Jesus allowed Thomas to do so but told him that those who believed without having to see were blessed and happy and to be envied see John — We all would enjoy a miracle breakthrough every time we had a need, but we should have enough faith to stay the course if God chooses to take us on the long, hard route.

If you are ready to do whatever you need to do to enjoy a life of peace, this book is for you. I cannot promise that all your unpleasant circumstances will change, but I sincerely believe you can have and enjoy peace no matter what your circumstances are if you are willing to learn how to respond to people and situations the way Jesus did.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten you and grant you revelation as you press toward a life of peace. The book includes twenty-one ways you can do this. Even after you have completed the book, I suggest you read it often to remind yourself of the principles of peace.

If you find you are slipping back into old ways something we all do at times , go back over the principles and see where you have begun to backslide. I pray this will be one of those books you can use the rest of your life to help you maintain peace, which I believe is one of the most important benefits and blessings that God has given us.

Therefore, since we are justified acquitted, declared righteous, and given a right standing with God through faith, let us [grasp the fact that we] have [the peace of reconciliation to hold and to enjoy] peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ the Messiah, the Anointed One. G od wants us to enjoy life and see good days. We are not to merely desire peaceful relations with God, with our fellow men, and with ourselves, but we are to pursue and go after peaceful relationships!

The first way to find peace is in learning to trust God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. We cannot have peace with God, others, or ourselves without His lordship in our lives. The Bible says that Jesus is our wisdom from God see 1 Corinthians His Word teaches us how to live properly.

We tend to make decisions according to our thoughts rather than living by discernment and according to what the Holy Spirit is placing in our hearts. Consequently, we get ourselves in trouble.

I believe that Jesus is everything we need in any situation. He is sufficient to meet the need for every circumstance that we will ever face. So, we certainly must learn how to go to Jesus for much more than just salvation or a ticket into heaven. We need to take Him as our everything in life, including as our Prince of Peace. The government that is upon the shoulders of Jesus is not a political government; the verse is referring to the governing of our lives.

We are not supposed to be running our own lives. In fact, we are not capable or qualified to run our own lives. Not one of us is intelligent enough to know what is best. I like the promise that there will be no end to the increase of His government and peace.

The more His government increases in my life the more He governs my life, my thoughts, my conversations, my decisions, and my actions , the more peace I am going to have. We find peace in the kingdom of God, which is righteousness, peace, and joy within us. Being right with God, knowing we are right with God, and doing the right thing out of knowing who we are in Christ is a process, but it leads us to peace, and peace leads us to joy. Sometimes we may need to take a vacation from all the other things we look for and instead seek the kingdom.

If we want to have peace, we have to stop following other voices; we must be God pleasers, not man pleasers, and we must choose to follow Jesus on a daily basis. For many years, I was in a church that gave me a great foundation about salvation, but I never learned much past that. Satan distracted me by getting me involved with many activities that did not produce good fruit in my life. For example, before I was in ministry I worked at an office where a coworker studied astrology.

She believed the position of the planets and stars directed her life. She said there were even optimum times to get a haircut to have the best results. As I look back at those early years of being a believer, I am sad to say that nobody in my church told me not to follow these voices of deception.

No one warned me that the Bible clearly says those who practice these types of things will not enter the kingdom of heaven see Revelation We are to follow God, not psychics, astrologers, mediums, tarot card readers, or any such thing. To enjoy peace, we must be led by the Lord of Peace. To be a disciple of Jesus means to study His teaching, imitate His life, and correctly analyze the Word of Truth see 2 Timothy Peace is our inheritance from Jesus, but we have to choose to follow Him daily.

To gain and maintain peace in our hearts, we may have to learn to say no to a few things. I want to repeat the text I used previously because it is vital to living life well.

The presence of peace helps us decide and settle with finality all questions that arise in our minds. If you let the Word have its home in your heart and mind, it will give you insight and intelligence and wisdom see v. If you are a disciple of Christ, He has called you to follow peace. Dave, my husband, and I were trying to make a decision on a large purchase we needed to make. Everyone agreed to wait on God to give us all peace before we proceeded. It was one I had not been in for perhaps a year or more.

I saw some items that I thought would be perfect for two of my granddaughters. They were little pink shirts with rhinestone hearts on them. I really wanted to buy them for the girls but felt I needed to honor God by not doing something I did not have peace about. Letting her girls receive the shirts as a gift was much more fun than purchasing them.

Had she disobeyed what she felt in her heart and done what she did not have peace about, she probably would have been uncomfortable in her spirit, perhaps even miserable.

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In today's world, peace is hard to come by. When personal desires are followed, serenity is forfeited. By submitting one's life to God, a peace-filled life is ensured. Maintaining peace is a choice, says Joyce Meyer, as she discusses how to be at peace with yourself, the importance of having peace with God, and the paradox that peace equals power. Joyce says peace is one of the greatest gifts God has given us, and is the only way to true happiness.

21 Ways to Finding Peace and Happiness: Overcoming Anxiety, Fear, and Discontentment Every Day by Joyce Meyer.

21 Ways to Finding Peace and Happiness: Overcoming Anxiety, Fear, and Discontentment Every Day

Joyce discusses 21 ways in which we can rediscover "the peace that passes all understanding". Through deep analysis of Scripture and candid insights drawn from her life experience, Joyce inspires us to begin our own search for lasting serenity. In today's world, peace is hard to come by.

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The Bible instructs us to make allowances for one another see Ephesians In other words, we are to allow people to be less than perfect. I personally respond much better to people who allow me to be human than I do to those who expect me to be divine perfect. I hate the pressure of trying to please someone in all things. It makes me uneasy and on edge, and I feel as if I must tiptoe around lest I offend in some minor thing. If I want to reap relationships that allow me to be myself, I must sow them. I was recently speaking with my administrative assistant.

Joyce discusses 21 ways in which we can rediscover "the peace that passes all understanding". Through deep analysis of Scripture and candid insights drawn from her life experience, Joyce inspires us to begin our own search for lasting serenity. In today's world, peace is hard to come by. Peace is a priority for God, and therefore, it should be a priority for us as well. Indeed, we are instructed to seek peace with others.

Happiness Activities For Students. Contrary to what many believe, success does not always bring happiness. Players at all skill levels are invited to participate, and often these activities may be quite competitive. Allocating time in federal entities for happiness-related programmes and activities. Try these five ways to boost your level of happiness: Reconnect with what brings you joy. A student defining "Happiness" during a Happiness Class.

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