Quantum theory and measurement wheeler pdf

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quantum theory and measurement wheeler pdf

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Quantum theory provides an extremely accurate description of fundamental processes in physics. It thus seems likely that the theory is applicable beyond the, mostly microscopic, domain in which it has been tested experimentally.

Metaphysics is the theory of being, that is, the most generic account of what there is. As such, it must be informed by empirical science, since we can only discover the nature of the material world through our experience of it. The most general and fundamental account of material reality is provided by physics, hence physics is the scientific discipline most closely allied to if not continuous with metaphysics as a philosophical inquiry.

Quantum Theory and Measurement

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A quantum potential approach to the Wheeler delayed-choice experiment

Quantum mechanics is generally regarded as the physical theory that is our best candidate for a fundamental and universal description of the physical world. The conceptual framework employed by this theory differs drastically from that of classical physics. Indeed, the transition from classical to quantum physics marks a genuine revolution in our understanding of the physical world. One striking aspect of the difference between classical and quantum physics is that whereas classical mechanics presupposes that exact simultaneous values can be assigned to all physical quantities, quantum mechanics denies this possibility, the prime example being the position and momentum of a particle. According to quantum mechanics, the more precisely the position momentum of a particle is given, the less precisely can one say what its momentum position is. This is a simplistic and preliminary formulation of the quantum mechanical uncertainty principle for position and momentum.

Some physicists just shrug and say we have to live with the fact that quantum mechanics is weird. So particles can be in two places at once, or communicate instantaneously over vast distances? Get over it. After all, the theory works fine. If you want to calculate what experiments will reveal about subatomic particles, atoms, molecules and light, then quantum mechanics succeeds brilliantly. But some researchers want to dig deeper.

Quantum theory cannot consistently describe the use of itself

A model for the interpretation of spacetime as a Weyl geometry is proposed, based on the hypothesis that a system moves on any given path with a probability which is inversely proportional to the resulting change in length of the system. The results of physical measurements are calculated as the product of Weyl-conjugate gauge-dependent probabilities for the detection of conjugate objects. Each probability, expressed as a Wiener integral, is the Green's function for a diffusion equation. These dilatations are not directly measurable within the theory, but the rates of expansion and contraction are. We establish the classical limit of the theory by proving that the most general form of the Weyl field which gives an extremum of the action is restricted to be of a special form.

An interpretation of quantum mechanics is an attempt to explain how the mathematical theory of quantum mechanics "corresponds" to reality.

Tim Maudlin

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