Due diligence a strategic and financial approach pdf

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due diligence a strategic and financial approach pdf

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Due diligence simply means doing your homework before entering into a business transaction. Typically due diligence is used to investigate and evaluate a business opportunity prior to making an acquisition or investment and the term due diligence describes the general duty to exercise care in required before any transaction.

Kpmg Due Diligence Checklist

Be clear and precise in your communication 2. Proper environmental due diligence should actually consist of two parts: first, the acquisition audit of the property to determine if it contains. However, smaller financial institutions or those with entity accounts only could potentially contact customers with. They include, but are not limited to: A broad-based approach to ESG due diligence Environmental — Pollution of air, buildings, land and water — Impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity e. Due diligence checklists are usually arranged in a basic format.

This is all well and good; yet even the best financial and legal due diligence practices do not uncover the whole story for any given prospect, and they certainly do not guarantee success. There is a critical third component to due diligence. Indeed, strategic due diligence is increasingly being demanded by boards of directors who want to be certain that a merger is the right choice. What exactly is strategic due diligence? It tests the strategic rationale behind a proposed transaction with two broad questions. Is the deal commercially attractive? And are we capable of realizing the targeted value?

Strategic Due Diligence: A Foundation for M&A Success

The success of most acquisitions hinges not on dollars but on people. Most companies do a thorough job of financial due diligence when they acquire other companies. But all too often, deal makers simply ignore or underestimate the significance of people issues in mergers and acquisitions. The consequences are severe. To make matters worse, differences in decision-making styles lead to infighting; integration stalls; and productivity declines.

While due diligence may not be the most exciting topic, being able to evaluate and understand a potential partner, buyer, or acquisition is important to all growing companies. The three primary categories of due diligence are legal , financial , and strategic. Although they have traditionally been distinct, an effective due diligence program combines elements of all three areas. In this guide, readers can learn about how legal and financial due diligence relate to strategic due diligence and how a data room can help organizations securely share important information during the due diligence process. In the legal due diligence process, the goal is to examine the legal foundation of the transaction.

M&A Strategy & Due Diligence

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When the deal satisfies both aspects of due diligence, the two parties can finalize and correctly price the transaction. People and organizations perform due diligence in many areas, including the sales of securities, IPOs, private equity funding, and real estate. Financial advisors commonly practice due diligence as well. In business, due diligence is the process of making sure every aspect of a transaction is in order before it moves forward. The term is sometimes used in the hiring process to verify that a candidate has the experience they claim.

We also help challenge assumptions about future performance so you can choose the right valuation. We conduct diligence in the following areas to help you answer questions about the value drivers of your deal. Read more about our due diligence consulting service below.

Financial due diligence involves an investigative analysis of a business, assessing the key issues facing the business and cash flows.


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