Oil and gas primer pdf

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oil and gas primer pdf

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The Economics of Oil

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Learn more. Petroleum Blog Short takes from our experts on the oil and gas industry. Energy Insights Powering our insights with data and advanced analytics. Subscribe to newsletter. Article The big choices for oil and gas in navigating the energy transition. Article Digital transformation in energy: Achieving escape velocity.

Report Global oil supply-and-demand outlook to February 26, — COVID sent shocks through global oil markets, with oil demand and supply still struggling to return to pre-pandemic levels. Our outlook looks back at and presents our most-likely scenarios for oil demand, supply, and prices through Report Global gas outlook to Collection Climate Change Earth's changing climate has big implications for citizens, businesses, and policy makers.

This collection draws together articles and reports on physical climate risk, sustainability, the energy transition, and approaches to face up to the challenges brought on by climate change. Article - McKinsey Quarterly Reimagining the postpandemic organization. Article Beyond coronavirus: The path to the next normal. Article How tapping connectivity in oil and gas can fuel higher performance November 6, — Price and demand pressures in the oil and gas sector make the potential value embedded in advanced connectivity for exploration LNG players must pursue improvement in five Article Institutionalizing drilling and completions efficiency in US unconventionals August 12, — US shale drillers lead the world—but even so, investing to improve drilling efficiency, well design, and back-office functions Lessons from other heavy industries Article Plugging in: What electrification can do for industry May 28, — As the prices of renewable electricity and electric equipment continue to drop, industrial companies can capture cost-saving and GHG-emission-reduction opportunities by planning the electrification of their operations.

Article - McKinsey Quarterly Reimagining industrial operations May 19, — Through innovation, advanced analytics, digitization, electrification, and process efficiencies, carbon-intensive operations underpinning May 15, — Leading companies will use the crisis to redefine their reasons for being and their basis for distinctiveness. Article A safer, smarter future: Working remotely in energy and materials May 12, — COVID is drastically changing the way energy and materials operations work.

Learning from industry best practices can help Article Winning the race for world-class LNG optimization capabilities March 12, — The race to claim the portfolio development and optimization space has led to double-digit growth in the number of LNG commercial Investment in trading and origination capabilities is needed. Article Ten principles for successful oil and gas operator transitions January 31, — Incoming operators face several challenges when taking over an asset, including managing the transition, improving performance, Ten principles can guide the way.

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2021 oil and gas industry outlook

Considered being the biggest sector in the world in terms of dollar value, the oil and gas sector is a global powerhouse using hundreds of thousands of workers worldwide and generating hundreds of billions of dollars globally each year. In regions which house the major NOCs, these oil and gas companies are so vital they often contribute a significant amount towards national GDP. The energy sector has three key areas: Upstream , midstream and downstream. The largest volumes of products of the oil and gas industry are fuel oil and gasoline petrol. Petroleum is the primary material for a multitude of chemical products, including pharmaceuticals, fertilisers, solvents and plastics. Petroleum is therefore integral to many industries and is of critical importance to many nations as the foundation of their industries. The world's dependence on oil and gas is increasing as global economies and infrastructure continue to rely heavily on petroleum-based products.

Click for PDF. Within the oil and gas industry, force majeure clauses are often but not always included in oil and gas leases where they play an important role. Assessing the applicability and enforceability of such clauses in oil and gas leases requires a highly fact-specific analysis. To assist clients in identifying issues they should evaluate in connection with their lease obligations in the face of the pandemic, we have prepared the following five-step analysis and flowchart to assist in the review and assessment of force majeure clauses in your oil and gas leases. As an initial matter, the application of a force majeure clause depends on the specific language of such clause in the lease, which can vary considerably from lease to lease. Therefore, the precise words of your force majeure clause should first be closely reviewed to determine whether one or more of the categories included within the enumerated causes could cover the current pandemic, its effects or responses to it.

An Article Titled oil and gas industry outlook already exists in Saved items. The oil and gas industry is used to the highs and lows of economic cycles. With the survival of many companies at risk, coupled with a longer-term decline in petroleum demand, the next decade could look very different for the oil and gas market. Explore what the next year may look like in our outlook. Since we published our midyear outlook in July, the global economy and capital markets have rebounded faster than expected in the third quarter of

Oil & Gas Insights

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This book examines the ways that oil economics will impact the rapidly changing global economy, and the oil industry itself, over the coming decades.

Note: Full citations to supporting materials can be found in the pdf version of this brief. This brief provides an overview of emissions trends and projections, and of decarbonization challenges and opportunities, in the U. Key points include:.

Primer on Enhanced Oil Recovery

Shale Gas Production Washington, D. Natural gas production from hydrocarbon rich deep shale formations, known as "shale gas," is one of the most quickly expanding trends in onshore domestic oil and gas exploration. The lower 48 states have a wide distribution of these shales containing vast resources of natural gas. Led by rapid development in the Barnett Shale in Texas, current shale gas activity is also found in areas of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Illinois, and the Appalachian Basin. Some of these areas have seen little or no oil and gas activity in the past and new shale gas development can bring change to the environmental and socio-economic landscape. With these changes have come questions about the nature of shale gas development, the potential environmental impacts, and the ability of the current regulatory structure to deal with this development. DOE recognized the need for a report that presents credible, factual information to address these questions.

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Primer on Enhanced Oil Recovery gives the oil and gas market the introductory information it needs to cover the physical and chemical properties of hydrocarbon reservoir fluids and rock, drilling operations, rock-fluid interactions, recovery methods, and the economy of enhanced oil recovery projects. Beginning with introductory materials on basic physics and oil-rock interaction, the book then progresses into well-known types of EOR, such as gas injection and microbial EOR. Worldwide case study examples give engineers the go-to starting point they need to understand the fundamentals of EOR techniques and data. Vladimir has extensive track record in Materials Research and Surface Analysis. Vladimir lectures and supervises postgraduate students in Enhanced Oil Recovery methods and techniques at the University of Huddersfield. Bagir is an expert in oil field development and oil recovery processes. Axmed Salmanov DSc, Professor.