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promotion and demotion in hrm pdf

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A demotion is a compulsory reduction in an employee 's rank or job title within the organizational hierarchy of a company, public service department, or other body, unless there is no reduction in pay. An employee may be demoted for violating the rules of the organization by a behavior such as excessive lateness , misconduct , or negligence.

The employees are given the promotions to higher posts and positions as and when vacancies are available or when new posts are created at the higher levels. It is quite common in all types of organizations. It is the product of internal mobility of the employees due to change in organizational processes, structure etc. It is better ten direct recruitment which satisfy many human resources problems of the organization and helps in achieving organizational objectives. Promotion means higher position to an employee who carries higher status, more responsibilities and higher salary.

Promotion & Demotion in HRM

Read this article to learn about Demotion of Employees. After reading this article you will learn about: 1. Meaning of Demotion 2. Causes of Demotion 3. Demotion Policy. Demotion is just opposite to promotion. In demotion, the employee is shifted to a job lower in status, grade and responsibilities.

When there are vacancies in an organization, they can be filled up by internal or external candidates. Though the organization prefers to fill up the vacancies by the external candidates through the section procedure, the internal candidates may also apply for the post and may be tested and selected for higher level job in the organizational hierarchy at par with external candidates. Is such upward movement of an employee a promotion? Or is it purely selection? It is purely selection, if the organization prefers to fill a vacancy only by the internal candidates; it assigns that higher level job to the selected employee from within through promotional test. According to Paul Pigors and Charles A.

Organization resort to another type of mobility of employees in order to place the right candidate in the right job. This type of mobility is restricted to movement of an employee from one job to another in the same level of organizational hierarchy is termed as transfer. Transfer is defined as the moving of an employee from one job to another. It may involve a promotion, demotion or no change in the job status other than moving from one job to another. However, transfer is viewed as change in assignment in which the employee moves from one job to another in the same level of hierarchy pay.

Human Resource Management Process

Promotion is the transfer of an employee to a new position which commands higher pay, privileges, or status compared with the old. It is a vertical move in rank and responsibility. An organization can use a variety of incentives to motivate its employees. Demotivated employees are frustrated and cannot contribute to the best of their abilities. It is important to note that well-performing employees expect a reward in the form of extra incentives, such as promotion.

December 4, In "General HR". Image. Current Trends in Human Resource Management.

Promotion & Demotion in HRM

Everything you need to know about human resource management process. Success of any organization depends on the management of human resources. It is the responsibility of HRM to convert the human resources into skilled and quality human resources and for this a proper process should be followed to recruit, select, train and place human resources in any organisation. Human resource management process is a systematic process of managing people working in the organization.

Promotion and Demotion

It is an upward movement of an employee from current job to another that is higher in pay , responsibility , status and organization level.

Definition of Job Promotion

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