Rfid handbook radio frequency identification fundamentals and applications pdf

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rfid handbook radio frequency identification fundamentals and applications pdf

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Radio frequency identification RFID is a fascinating, fast developing and multidisciplinary domain with emerging technologies and applications. It is characterized by a variety of research topics, analytical methods, models, protocols, design principles and processing software. With a relatively large range of applications, RFID enjoys extensive investor confidence and is poised for growth. A number of RFID applications proposed or already used in technical and scientific fields are described in this book. By John P.

Radio Frequency Identification

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Identification is a powerful capability, useful in classifying, counting, and organizing objects. These operations are essential to many aspects of modern life, including manufacturing, the logistics of distribution, and the various stages of supply chains, and they operate on scales ranging from the level of the individual consumer to that of global trade. In the past, identification was done visually—by observing characteristics of objects.

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RFID Handbook (eBook, PDF)

RFID based application creates tremendous new business opportunities such as the support of independent living of elderly and disabled persons, efficient supply chains, efficient anti-counterfeiting and better environmental monitoring. RFID data management, scalable information systems, business process reengineering, and evaluating investments are emerging as significant technical challenges to a RFID data management, scalable information systems, business process reengineering, and evaluating investments are emerging as significant technical challenges to applications underpinned by new developments in RFID technology. This book presents the contributions from world leading experts on the latest developments and state-of-the-art results in the RFID field to address these challenges.

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These applications can lead to significant savings in labour costs, enhance customer service, and lower book theft and can provide a constant record update of media collections. In this paper the components and technical features of a modern RFID library system are described to provide a guideline for the evaluation of different systems. A short report of three installations in Europe one university library and two public libraries is also provided.

Sustainable Radio Frequency Identification Solutions

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Rfid Handbook: Radio Frequency Identification Fundamentals And Applications by Klaus Finkenzeller


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