Ccna and ccnp interview questions and answers pdf

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ccna and ccnp interview questions and answers pdf

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Any data packet coming from one port is sent to all other ports. It is then up to the receiving computer to decide if the packet is for it. Imagine packets going through a hub as messages going into a mailing list.

CCNP Interview Questions and Answers

What is error disabled port in switching and what is dynamic desirable mode? Error disabled when a port is error disabled, it is effectively shut down and no traffic is sent or received on that port. Dynamic Desirable:- it is kind or DTP dynamic trunk protocol in short, negotiation with front port to be trunk. Explain the function of a rendezvous point? A RP is the focal point for multicast traffic. Traffic is forwarded to the RP from multicast sources. The RP then forwards traffic to multicast receivers.

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There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. Describe why postal addresses and telephone numbers are routable. What is the purpose of a default route? Describe the difference between routing and switching. What does the term information hiding mean in relation to route summarization? How does the use of a hierarchical routing structure access, distribution, and core enable a scalable delivery system? Why are multiple protocols used, such as a package, addressing, delivery, and transportation, instead of using one protocol defining everything?

CCNP Interview Questions & Answers

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Q-1 Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for reliable connections? Q-2 What is the difference between acknowledgments and handshaking? Answer: Handshaking is used to negotiate the properties of a connection that is being established. Acknowledgments are used to tell the sender that data has been successfully received by the destination during the use of a connection. Q-3 How many VTP modes are there and what are they?

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Routing is the process of finding a path on which data can pass from source to destination. Routing is done by a device called routers, which are network layer devices.