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boyer and nissenbaum salem possessed pdf

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The Canadian Historical Review

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American Medical Association Chicago. This article is only available in the PDF format. Download the PDF to view the article, as well as its associated figures and tables. The study of witchcraft falls within many different disciplines, particularly in the fields of cultural, social, and medical history. Boyer and Nissenbaum, social historians in Massachusetts, have written a splendid study of the witchcraft persecutions of , a study that illuminates the whole social history of the 17th century and will appeal to medical historians, psychiatrists, and all who have a real interest in the history of culture. Drawing on much untapped primary source material, the authors analyze social and economic factors operative in 17th century Salem. Within a few generations after its founding, there developed marked social, commercial, and religious tensions, conflicts between the agricultural and commercial interests, political struggles, interpersonal rivalries for dominance, problems in church organization and control, with dispute over who should set the policies.

Stephen Nissenbaum

Although slow, a constant trickle of bodies were still dragging themselves towards the school building. A shaft of despair pierced him, as it did every time he thought about the crime by the Ottawa River, and his hands with blood all over them, even under his nails. He put down his cup and sat on the bed, cross-legged. After Schiltigheim, he had plenty of time to work out a way of catching me. In the strong sunlight, his long white hair glowed like electrified filaments. His face was dark, both from his heritage and from decades of life lived mostly outside. He folded his big, gnarled hands across his belly.

Dec 05, many of the accusations, and in Salem Possessed , Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum uncovered patterns of social and civic antagonism that made the com- munity fertile ground for a witch hunt. One of the young ringleaders was year-old Ann Putnam, whose older male relatives lodged many of the complaints. In the Devils Snare Summary - eNotes. A study of the Puritan village and the people involved in the witch trials of provides insight into the causes and implications of this notorious episode in American history. Questions concerning these rules and regulations should be Lundskow, G. They were possessed by the devil. It is not clear whether or not he yet believes what he was told.

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Salem possessed; the social origins of witchcraft

Stephen Nissenbaum A. Harvard College , ; M. Columbia University , ; Ph. After receiving his doctorate in History from the University of Wisconsin—Madison in , Nissenbaum began his academic career at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst , where he was on the faculty until he retired in The first time, in , was to work on two projects, one about the career of Nathaniel Hawthorne and the other to write the introduction to the Salem Witchcraft Papers with Paul Boyer.