Traffic rules and signs in pakistan pdf

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traffic rules and signs in pakistan pdf

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Road traffic accidents RTAs have emerged as an important public health issue which needs to be tackled by a multi-disciplinary approach.

RTO Mandatory Symbols. Contact Us for Official Kuwait traffic signs, parking signs services and street signs services kw. This website contains the Driving Test Track pictures and procedures as well. Warning Traffic Signs This section includes signs that warn road users of a hazard ahead.

traffic laws in pakistan in urdu pdf

An expressway is a roadway that allows vehicles to travel at high speed. Drivers who habitually ignore precautions and violate traffic rules are the cause of major accidents. We urge you to observe all traffic rules and help make expressway driving safer.

All drivers must travel within the speed limit and in accordance with road and traffic conditions. In other words, each driver is responsible for driving at a safe speed that does not pose a danger on the roadway, and should never take it for granted that it is safe to travel at the speed limit.

Always pay attention to the road signs and drive at a safe speed appropriate for the road and traffic conditions. Moreover, when driving a vehicle with worn tires on a road wet from rain, you need to allow about twice this distance. In summary, you need to take into account the weather, road condition, tires, load, and other factors so as to maintain a sufficient distance to avoid a collision if, for some reason, the vehicle in front of you suddenly stops.

You should not change lanes unnecessarily. Moreover, you should never change lanes in a manner that forces vehicles behind you to suddenly brake or steer in order to avoid hitting you. When changing lanes, always look in the rearview mirror and also look over your shoulder to check behind you.

In particular, changing lanes and cutting in front of a vehicle immediately behind you forces the driver to suddenly turn the steering wheel and slam on the brakes, which can cause a major accident. Momentarily taking your eyes off the road on an expressway can lead to rear-end and multi-vehicle collisions. When driving, avoid daydreaming, gazing at the scenery, and other distractions, and keep your eyes on the road ahead of you.

Stopping or parking a vehicle on an expressway is illegal under the Road Traffic Act. Stopping on the shoulder or side strip is extremely dangerous because it poses a risk of rear-end collisions with approaching vehicles. Moreover, parking on the shoulder in front of toll gates, payment plazas, and elsewhere in order to wait for the ETC time period discount is not only subject to a fine under the Road Traffic Act, it is dangerous to other drivers.

For breaks, please use the nearest service or parking area. With the exception of the following cases, stopping and parking on expressways is not permitted. Violations are subject to fines under the Road Traffic Act. The expressway shoulder is for vehicles that must temporarily stop due to an accident or breakdown and for police cars, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles to drive on during an emergency.

Since obstructing the shoulder prevents these emergency vehicles from doing their work, you must never drive on the shoulder, even during a traffic jam. Continuing to drive in the passing lane despite having completed passing and being able to return to the vehicle traffic lane is a lane violation.

Moreover, when passing another vehicle you must drive in the lane immediately to the right of the vehicle traffic lane, and you cannot exceed the speed limit for the expressway even when passing another vehicle. Vehicles drive the wrong way on expressways when they go in the wrong direction from service and parking areas to return to the main road, when they pass an exit interchange, and when they make U-turns on the main road or near toll gates.

Expressways are one-way traffic. Therefore, observe the road signs and markers indicating the driving direction so that you never drive in the wrong direction on an expressway. The middle and tail-end of traffic jams are especially prone to rear-end collisions. If you see a traffic jam ahead and you need to reduce your speed or stop, turn on your hazard lights to warn the vehicles behind you. Vehicles on expressways travel at higher speeds than on ordinary roads and drivers need to know the road and traffic conditions farther ahead than on ordinary roads.

For this reason, when driving through tunnels and other places with poor visibility on expressways both at night and daytime, in principle you should turn on your headlights to extend the visibility farther compared to an ordinary road. Moreover, when vehicles cross each other or directly face each while traveling, drivers should adjust the brightness and angle of the headlamps so as to not risk interfering with other vehicles and traffic.

Using the headlights at high-beam or low-beam depends on the roadway structure whether or not it has a center median partition, for example and traffic conditions whether or not there is opposing traffic, for example , and drivers should make every effort to set the angle of the headlights so as not to blind other drivers.

Moreover, illuminated headlights warn other drivers of your presence, so be sure to turn them on during early twilight and when in tunnels. Check IC name and enter. Search by roadway name Search by map. Traffic Rules and Etiquette. If an accident occurs Drive at a safe speed! Maintain a safe distance between vehicles! Do not cut off other vehicles! Keep your eyes on the road! Do not stop or park on the expressway!

Do not drive on the shoulder! Leave passing lanes open! Expressways are one-way traffic! Warn drivers behind you about traffic jams ahead of you!

Be aware of the angle of your headlight beams! Do a thorough check and adjustment before departure! Always drive at a safe speed and within the speed limit! Light vehicles with total engine displacement under cc are classified as ordinary vehicles under the Road Traffic Act.

Towing another vehicle on a National Expressway is allowed when a vehicle with the appropriate structure and equipment for towing is towing a vehicle with the appropriate structure and equipment for being towed.

Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you! Temporarily stopping to prevent a hazardous situation Parking on a shoulder or side strip of sufficient width due to a breakdown or accident Stopping in order to pay a toll Do not drive on the shoulder!

In the following situations, it is permissible to drive in a passing lane: - When designated by road signs and markers as a traveling lane - When passing another vehicle - When you must remain in a passing lane because changing lanes is not permitted - When temporarily yielding to a nearby emergency vehicle - When driving in the passing lane is unavoidable due to road or other conditions Continuing to drive in the passing lane despite having completed passing and being able to return to the vehicle traffic lane is a lane violation.

At the tail-end of a traffic jam, turn on your hazard lights to warn the vehicles behind you! Perform a thorough check and adjustment before departure! Recommended content for you. Large passenger vehicle, ordinary vehicle three-wheeled excluded , large two-wheeled vehicle, ordinary two-wheeled vehicle.


Traffic meaning in Urdu has been searched fifteen thousand four hundred and sixteen times till Jan 10, Mar 18, - Check Traffic Signs In Pakistan With Meanings In URDU, English language is also available on this page so get latest Pakistan traffic rules and regulation The digital parent trap sat essay, what is cause and effect essay pdf marriott data breach case study kpop fangirl essay essay about the theme of to kill a mockingbird essay rules in urdu language Traffic. However rules and regulations are a lot more like that of other countries. The signs are normally placed in a circle shape or opposite triangle shape. Their shapes and colors carry the same meaning everywhere.

Traffic signs or road signs are signs erected at the side of or above roads to give instructions or provide information to road users. The earliest signs were simple wooden or stone milestones. Later, signs with directional arms were introduced, for example the fingerposts in the United Kingdom and their wooden counterparts in Saxony. With traffic volumes increasing since the s, many countries have adopted pictorial signs or otherwise simplified and standardized their signs to overcome language barriers, and enhance traffic safety. Such pictorial signs use symbols often silhouettes in place of words and are usually based on international protocols.

Download Road Signs in PDF, ZIP and RAR format. Road Signs, Traffic Rules, Road Safety Quiz, Road Signs Test Practice, Tips, Videos. All are available at.

traffic rules in urdu pdf

Road accident is most unwanted thing to happen to a road user, though they happen quite often. The most unfortunate thing is that we don't learn from our mistakes on road. Most of the road users are quite well aware of the general rules and safety measures while using roads but it is only the laxity on part of road users, which cause accidents and crashes.

Traffic signs are the silent speakers on the road.


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