Flowchart algorithm exercises and answers pdf

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flowchart algorithm exercises and answers pdf

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Search This Blog. Write a algorithm to find out number is odd or even? Graphical representation of any program is called flowchart. There are some standard graphics that are used in flowchart as following:. Email This BlogThis!

flowchart algorithm exercises and answers pdf

In programming, algorithm is a set of well defined instructions in sequence to solve the problem. Write an algorithm to add two numbers entered by user. Step 1 : Start Step 2 : Declare variables num1, num2 and sum. Step 3 : Read values num1 and num2. Step 4 : Add num1 and num2 and assign the result to sum. Write an algorithm to find the largest among three different numbers entered by user. Step 1 : Start Step 2 : Declare variables a,b and c.

Unit-2:Algorithm and Flowchart

A flowchart is simply a graphical representation of steps. It shows steps in sequential order and is widely used in presenting the flow of algorithms, workflow or processes. Typically, a flowchart shows the steps as boxes of various kinds, and their order by connecting them with arrows. A flowchart is a graphical representations of steps. It was originated from computer science as a tool for representing algorithms and programming logic but had extended to use in all other kinds of processes. Nowadays, flowcharts play an extremely important role in displaying information and assisting reasoning. They help us visualize complex processes, or make explicit the structure of problems and tasks.

Basic intelligence covers day to day problem solving and making strategies to handle different situations which keep arising in day to day life. One person goes Bank to withdraw money. During the process of solving any problem, one tries to find the necessary steps to be taken in a sequence. In this Unit you will develop your understanding about problem solving and approaches. Answer to this question is of course, No. In our life we are bound to solve problems. In our day to day activity such as purchasing something from a general store and making payments, depositing fee in school, or withdrawing money from bank account.

There are some problems which have no solution and these problems are called algorithm. Now let us take some exercises to develop an algorithm for some.

flowchart algorithm exercises and answers pdf

To solve this problem we will take a variable sum and set it to zero. Then we will take the two numbers 10 and 20 as input. Next we will add both the numbers and save the result in the variable sum i.

Played times. Tags: Question 4. Ali Lakiss. The flow of sequence is generally from the top of the page to the bottom of the page.

You can also search for answers to frequently asked questions. The exam will usually give you the headings but just in case, there are several steps in making a trace table, the first one is to note the table headings, this involves the following:. The purpose of a flow chart is to provide people with a common language or reference point when dealing with a project or process. The problem-solving skills acquired in this section serves as a foundation for programming in Section 3.

Unit-2:Algorithm and Flowchart


There are several ways of writing pseudo-code; there are no strict rules. It is organized formally by determining the subject of issues, date, place and time of assembly. Tags: Question 4. So flowcharts can be used for presenting algorithms. Until is a. Details Last Updated: 07 November Lab 2 aims at introducing you to flowcharts and emphasizing on algorithms.

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