Nonlinear dynamical systems and control a lyapunov based approach pdf

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nonlinear dynamical systems and control a lyapunov based approach pdf

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Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Control - A Lyapunov Based Approach

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analysis and control design of nonlinear dynamical systems, with an emphasis on Lyapunov-based methods. Dynamical system theory lies at.

Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Control: A Lyapunov-Based Approach9780691133294, 0691133298

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Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Control presents and develops an extensive treatment of stability analysis and control design of nonlinear dynamical systems, with an emphasis on Lyapunov-based methods. Dynamical system theory lies at the heart of mathematical sciences and engineering. The application of dynamical systems has crossed interdisciplinary boundaries from chemistry to biochemistry to chemical kinetics, from medicine to biology to population genetics, from economics to sociology to psychology, and from physics to mechanics to engineering. The increasingly complex nature of engineering systems requiring feedback control to obtain a desired system behavior also gives rise to dynamical systems.

Shi, K. Johansson, and Y. Lou, G. Zhai and Y. Hong, , Decentralized sweep coverage algorithm for multi-agent systems with workload uncertainties , Automatica , vol.

PDF Download Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Control: A Lyapunov-Based Approach PDF Full Ebook

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