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man and his social environment pdf

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Since the earliest times, humans have needed to be sensitive to their surroundings to survive, which means that we have an innate awareness of our environment and seek out environments with certain qualities. First of all, humans have a strong need for safety and security and look for those attributes in their environment.

Man and His Environment

True it is that man lives in particular geographical conditions and that he has for his society a definite pattern of economic activities; yet social man is as much the product of his social environment as he is of physical surroundings and economic conditions. As he lives in the plains or in the hills, and as he engages in agricultural or industrial activities, he lives a life that has been shaped by his social heritage. He is born under it and, in his family; he learns first to get conditioned to customs and practices, beliefs and norms that are of his community. In a way, social norms sit so heavy upon his understanding that, while he is at work, he semi-consciously responds to their dictates. No matter how far we industrialize ourselves, this attitude remains at the back of all our activities.

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. T he workshop discussions of biobehavioral and psychological perspectives on adolescent risk behavior alluded repeatedly to the importance of the cultural and social contexts in which young people develop. Presenters described research on the ways family, peers, schools, communities, and media and technology influence adolescent behavior and risk-taking. Conger explained. He described some of the evidence for these effects, the specific processes involved, and some of the implications for intervention. Nancy A.

As a profession with a long-standing declared focus on person-in-environment, social work might be expected to play a leadership role in interdisciplinary efforts to tackle environmental threats to human well-being and continued existence, yet the profession has generally been silent or less than relevant. This paper explores past and present neglect of the natural environment within mainstream social work. Alternative understandings of the environment from specializations within the profession and related disciplines are considered. The paper concludes with directions toward new models of practice incorporating a view of people as place that may help us towards a broader mission of learning to live well in place. Human beings may be entering very difficult times with the degradation and potential destruction of our sustaining natural world.

Social Environment: Meaning, Concept and Features

The University and Diversity ofMankind Any medical problem presents itself under two aspects which are sharply different, but complementary. On the one hand, all phenomena ofhealth and disease reflect the biological unity of mankind; on the other hand, all are conditioned by the diversity ofthe social institutions and ways of life. The duality of man's nature—unity and diversity—creates a medical paradox that is responsible for the complexities of the problems faced by the Pan American Health Organization PAHO. The paradox is that all men, irrespective of origin, have fundamentally the same biological constitution, physiological requirements, and responses to stimuli; yet despite this biological uniformity, their diseases and medical needs differ profoundly according to their habitats, social institutions, and ways of life. Any one concerned with problems of health and disease must, therefore, keep in mind both the universal aspects of human biology and the social diversity ofmedical problems. The dedication ofa new building provides an opportunity to reexamine the goals ofthe institution that it serves. For this reason, I shall take the liberty to make a few general statements that may help to sharpen the contrast between the universal requirements ofman's life and the special medical needs of his societies.

Perspectives in Biology and Medicine

To understand the context of the WASH sector you need to understand the nature of the interactions between us as human beings and our environment. Humans need to interact with the environment to obtain our food, water, fuel, medicines, building materials and many other things. Advances in science and technology have helped us to exploit the environment for our benefit, but we have also introduced pollution and caused environmental damage.

What Impact Does the Environment Have on Us?

The human being and the group. The problem of man cannot be solved scientifically without a clear statement of the relationship between man and society, as seen in the primary collectivity—the family, the play or instruction group, the production team and other types of formal or informal collectivity.

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