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jesus and muhammad mark gabriel pdf

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Jesus and Muhammad : Profound Differences and Surprising Similarities

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Jesus and muhammad. Iordan Vasile. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Dedicated to the United States of America and the American people who opened their country to me and received me with love. May this book lead you to a clear understanding of the lives and teachings of Jesus and Muhammad.

Your servant, Mark A. GabrielIntroduction ithout question, Jesus and Muhammad are the two most influential persons who ever lived.

Today we can see their influence in the two largest religions in the world: Christianity with more than two billion followers, and Islam with 1. Most Christians recognize that they have very little understanding of what Muhammad did and taught.

Muslims, on the other hand, believe they understand who Jesus was and what he taught, but their beliefs conflict with the teachings of the New Testament. So here is the question: How can we see a true picture of these two men at the same time? First, we have to recognize an important principle: we must separate the leader from the followers. We cannot look to Christians to learn what Jesus taught, nor can we look to Muslims to determine what Muhammad taught.

We must not focus on the actions of those who call themselves Muslims or Christians. It does not matter how many terrorists call themselves Muslims, and it does not matter how many Nazis or Crusaders called themselves Christians.

Instead, we must look directly at the teachings and actions of Jesus and Muhammad as they are recorded in the most reliable sources. There is a big difference between looking at the sources yourself and relying on other people to tell you what those sources say. I believe that is why Muslims do not understand Jesus and Christians do not understand Muhammad. My purpose in this book is to be your guide and to take you to the original sources so that you can meet these two men for yourself.

W You may ask, What makes you qualified to do this? My answer is that I have already met these two men. Though I have a Christian name now, I was born with a Muslim name. Though this book is written in English, my native tongue is Arabic. I have walked in both worlds. In the Western world, you have many people who are knowledgeable about the life of Jesus. And in the Islamic world you can find many Muslims who are experts about Muhammad's life.

But it is hard to find one to speak to the Western world about Muhammad from the original sources. That is why I think I have something unique to offer. In reference to source information, I strongly encourage you to read Appendix A of this book, which describes the sources that I have used for information about Muhammad and Jesus. If you are a westerner, it will be almost impossible for you to understand the quotes from Islamic sources unless you read Appendix A.

When I write or speak, I rarely describe my education in detail, but I do so in this book because you should know that the information about Muhammad comes from a qualified source. If you are not interested in reading my story, feel free to skip to Section 2.

This is where you will find some amazing parallels, such as the fact both men were prophesied over as children, both had cousins who introduced them to the public, both were rejected by their hometowns, and both were assisted by twelve disciples.

This section lets Jesus and Muhammad walk side by side, from their births to their deaths. Profound differences become evident. First you will learn who each man claimed to be and his message to the world. This is followed by a look at what Muhammad said about Jesus and what Jesus might have said about Muhammad.

Then we will examine the activities that dominated their lives-for Jesus, healings and miracles; for Muhammad, holy war. Chapters fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen compare their teachings on love, prayer, and women. This section ends with two chapters that focus on quotations that show 1 a comparison of how Jesus and Muhammad reacted in four amazingly similar situations and 2 their teachings on eight key subjects compared verse by verse.

If you are reading this book in a free country, you are a privileged person. You have the right to explore ideas as you please. Most of those in the Muslim world will never know the information that is in this book.

Their leaders will keep it from them. However, both the Bible and the Quran say the truth will prove itself true Acts ; Surah So let us examine the facts about Jesus and Muhammad.

My uncle said to me, "We are going to read the Quran together: Do you have your copy? It was not the entire Quran, but it was one of the thirty parts. My uncle had just graduated from the most prestigious Islamic university in the world, Al-Azhar in Cairo. Only in his thirties, he was now the imam of the largest mosque for our area and a man who was revered by all devout Muslims. We walked hand-in-hand across the street to our family's orchard, which was planted with grapes, figs, and orange trees.

The orchard was next to a canal, and when we sat on the bank we could see fishermen, rowboats, and farmers bringing their water buffalo to drink and bathe. My uncle started reading. The words were familiar because I had heard them all my life-in the mosque, on the radio, and from the Quran reciter that we paid to come to our home. My uncle read the first verse of the last chapter of the Quran.

Then he asked me to repeat it back to him. I did so. Then he corrected my pronunciation of the classical Arabic and told me to repeat it to him again. We did this many times until I had memorized this verse perfectly.

Then we started on verse 2. We went through three or four verses this way. Then we I were interrupted. People always wanted to ask my uncle questions about faith and Islamic law because he was one of the few scholars who lived in our area.

While I waited for him, I played down at the edge of the water. Then he called me: "Go back to your mom and ask her to help you get ready to go to the mosque.

My grandfather was in his eighties and had gone blind. I was very fond of him, and I ran into his room and kissed his hand as he lay on his bed. Then I jumped up on the bed and gave him a hug. He said, "Tell me: did you read the Quran? He was so happy to hear me. You are going to memorize the whole Quran.

You are going to be a candle in our home. This was Friday, the holy day in Islam when the sermon is preached at the mosque.

My mom helped me put on the white robe and skull cap-our traditional clothing for going to the mosque. After my uncle was ready, we walked the half mile to the mosque together as a family. My uncle gave the sermon, and my father, brothers, and I sat in the front line of men. My mother, sister, and other female relatives sat in the back in the women's section.

This is how I remember the day that I began my memorization of the Quran. He worked with me almost on a daily basis. When I turned six, he enrolled me in an Al-Azhar primary school. There were fifty secular primary schools in our province, but there was only one Al-Azhar primary school.

This elite school focused on a religious Islamic education. None of my brothers or sister went to this school, but there was no jealousy or anger about this.

They just were proud and celebrated what I was accomplishing. People began to call me "Little Sheikh. Steadily, my uncle was working with me to finish memorizing the entire Quran which is about the length of the New Testament at a very early age. Most mornings I would go with my father and uncle to the morning prayers at the mosque, which started around a.

After the prayers, my father and uncle usually went home to sleep two more hours before getting up for work. I usually stayed in the mosque with my copy of the Quran. Before I started memorizing the new verses, I tested myself on the verses I memorized on the two previous days. After I made sure my memorization was OK, I started the new material. I read the first verse of the passage.

Jesus and Muhammed: Profound Differences and Surprising Similarities

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Jesus and Muhammad: Profound Differences and Surprising Similarities - Kindle edition by Gabriel, Mark A.. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device.

Jesus and muhammad

My special gratitude extends to Mr James Gibb Stuart, who kindly read the typescript, suggesting many improvements in the language. He has done much work in editing and preparing the typescript for publication. He has written many valuable books. May God Almighty turn people's hearts towards his advice. You can feel his burning ambition to save the world from disaster.

Finally, the truth Mark A. Gabriel allows you to walk side by side with Jesus and Muhammad from their births to their deaths. You will discover that both were prophesied over as children, endorsed by their cousins, rejected by their hometowns, and assisted by twelve disciples.

These three books, purchased on a recent visit to a Christian bookstore in Georgia, are unlikely to catch the eye of many specialists on foreign relations. That is unfortunate: these titles and others like them are doing far more to frame the future of U. Gabriel, a self-identified former professor of Islamic history at Cairo's Al-Azhar University who no longer uses his Muslim name for fear of reprisals , recounts the story of his personal conversion from Islam to evangelical Christianity while describing what he sees as the philosophical and spiritual contrasts between the founders of the two faiths. It is from books like this one that many millions of Americans form their impressions of Islam as the war on terror grinds on. Lindsay, whose Late Great Planet Earth interpreted apocalyptic prophecies and made him the best-selling American author of the s, has published a book linking the Arab-Israeli dispute to the Genesis accounts of the quarrels in Abraham's household and a radical hostility genetically encoded in the "sons of Ishmael.

Dr. Mark Gabriel Conversion

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