Definition of land use and land cover pdf

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definition of land use and land cover pdf

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Most human activities, such as employment, recreation, or residence, are linked to land. A land use study is one way of understanding those activities. A land use study may also focus on the land itself. Different activities may place different requirements on land and their impacts also vary. Through land use analysis, we can understand if a piece of land is suitable for a given activity. Also, we can understand the consequences of human activities and how they change the landscape.

Land cover

Many of us regularly read and hear the words land use and land cover, but do we really understand what these words mean? These terms are often erroneously used interchangeably; however, each term has a very specific meaning. Land cover is commonly defined as the vegetation natural or planted or man-made constructions buildings, etc. Water, ice, bare rock, sand and similar surfaces also count as land cover. Land use and land cover have some fundamental differences. Land use refers to the purpose the land serves, for example, recreation, wildlife habitat or agriculture; it does not describe the surface cover on the ground.

The result of classified image indicated that in the last 3 decades, farm land and settlement area increased This increase could be possible due to the involvement of local communities to plant trees around their homestead and farm lands. In this program, plantation of indigenous tree species other than eucalyptus which affect the ecology was encouraged. In order to check the loss of area from gazing land and barren land, alternative source income opportunities to the community dwellers may be provided. Therefore, environmental conservation, management and rehabilitation require integrated approach of community development at various levels.

Assessment of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change in Guangxi, China

Metrics details. One of the detailed and useful ways to develop land use classification maps is use of geospatial techniques such as remote sensing and Geographic Information System GIS. In Islamabad city and its surroundings, change in land use has been observed and new developments agriculture, commercial, industrial and urban are emerging every day.

The difference between “land use” and “land cover”


Land cover is the physical material at the surface of the earth. Land covers include grass , asphalt , trees , bare ground, water , etc. Earth cover is the expression used by ecologist Frederick Edward Clements that has its closest modern equivalent being vegetation. There are two primary methods for capturing information on land cover: field survey and analysis of remotely sensed imagery. Land change models can be built from these types of data to assess future shifts in land cover.