Countries and their presidents and prime ministers 2015 pdf

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countries and their presidents and prime ministers 2015 pdf

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Guinea-Bissau, a former Portuguese colony in West Africa with a population of 1. The political and institutional crises had roots in certain structural factors common to most post-colonial African states: an underdeveloped economy, overdependence on foreign aid and former colonial masters, fractionalised and factionalised elites, a praetorian army serving personal interests, and general governance deficits. The case with Guinea-Bissau, however, is peculiar. It has a long history of political and institutional fragility dating back to its independence in , with recurring coups and assassinations of political leaders. Guinea-Bissau returned to constitutional order in , following years of political fragility occasioned by military coups and political assassinations, with the election of Vaz as president.

ECOWAS’s efforts at resolving Guinea-Bissau’s protracted political crisis, 2015-2019

The pace of change in Ethiopia has been so fast since Abiy Ahmed became prime minister in April that it is almost like observing a different country, and this is why he has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. For many years, the government seemed impervious to criticism from human rights groups that the state stifled free expression, sidelined and imprisoned opposition leaders and cracked down on protests. It also appeared steadfast in its disagreement with a border commission ruling that was meant to end the two-decade conflict with neighbouring Eritrea. In the first few months after he came to power, following the unexpected resignation of his predecessor Hailemariam Desalegn, Mr Abiy lifted the state of emergency, ordered the release of thousands of prisoners, allowed exiled dissidents to return home and unblocked hundreds of websites and TV channels. He also ended the state of war with Eritrea by agreeing to give up disputed border territory, in the process normalising relations with the long-time foe. In June , Mr Abiy was targeted in an attack , with two people killed in an explosion at a rally held to show support for him, and there is some opposition to him in the Tigray province which used to dominate the country.

The mention of any individual, company, organization, or other entity in this paper does not imply the violation of any law or international agreement on their part and should not be construed as such. The views expressed herein are those of the author alone. Although certainly not the only place to stash money, Dubai—dubbed the commercial capital of the Middle East—exercises minimal oversight and has few legal or logistical obstacles to transferring large amounts of cash or purchasing property. PEPs, defined as individuals who are or have been entrusted with a prominent public function, are at higher risk of involvement in unlawful activity due to their positions of influence and access to assets. As a result, billions of dollars are siphoned away to the detriment of both prosperous and struggling economies and societies. At least properties were found to have links to Nigerian PEPs or their family members, associates, and suspected proxies. With such information and continued monitoring, Nigerian and Emirati authorities and national and international actors could ramp up their scrutiny on high-end property transactions involving Nigerian elites to ensure that these purchases are not being made with pilfered public funds.

Since , Pakistan has had eighteen prime ministers, aside from the appointed caretaker prime ministers who were only mandated to oversee the system until the election process was finished. In , the office was again revived but ceased to exist shortly. After the general elections held in , Zafarullah Khan Jamali was invited to form his administration as its prime minister. The premiership of I. Chundrigar was the shortest in Pakistan's history , serving only 55 days of his term. At approximately five years and four months in total, Sharif is the longest-serving prime minister.

Women Presidents and Prime Ministers in Post-Transition Democracies

PDF version [ KB ]. More detailed information about each trait is provided under separate headings below. The average age is 52 years, reflecting the age profile of Australian parliamentarians more generally 51 years. Of the seven prime ministers born elsewhere, all but one came from the United Kingdom England, Scotland or Wales. This reflects the generally low level of ethnic diversity in the Commonwealth Parliament as a whole.

Women Presidents and Prime Ministers in Post-Transition Democracies

Socio-economic and political developments in sub-Saharan Africa remain a mixed bag. While crises and structural problems occupy our attention, other developments justify a more optimistic outlook: relations between countries on the continent as well as with Europe and other world regions show signs of hope and improvement. Peace and security: As in previous years, challenges emerge from ever-present power struggles as well as from contested elections, weak states, conflicts between identity groups, and — particularly in West and East Africa — jihadism.

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By Joseph Siegle and Candace Cook. A wide spectrum of credibility marks the 13 African elections slated for This has direct implications for the legitimacy of the leaders that emerge and their ability to navigate the security challenges they face. A woman voting in Sierra Leone in Africa is slated to hold 13 national elections in

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List of Commonwealth of Nations prime ministers


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