Rules of simple complex and compound sentences pdf

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rules of simple complex and compound sentences pdf

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An independent clause can stand alone as a sentence, but a dependent clause even though it has a subject and a verb cannot stand alone. Here are some examples of complex sentences. The independent clause is in bold;.

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Simple sentence structure worksheets pdf

In grammar , sentence and clause structure , commonly known as sentence composition , is the classification of sentences based on the number and kind of clauses in their syntactic structure. Such division is an element of traditional grammar. Sentences — which are composed of these clauses, in either "dependent" or "independent" form — also have patterns, as explained below. A simple sentence consists of only one clause. A compound sentence consists of two or more independent clauses. A complex sentence has at least one independent clause plus at least one dependent clause.

These methods are to interchange different types of sentences i. OR Subject and Predicate. A sentence usually comprises of a subject and a predicate or in other words there is a subject , a verb and an object in a sentence. In sentence no. This is a compound sentence and each part is called a clause. Each part has a sense and its own meaning.

Compound sentence exercises

Make it complex a. He opened the door and asked for my permission to come in. After opening the door, he asked for my permission to come in. As he opened the door, he asked for my permission to come in. He asked for my permission while opening the door.

Types Of Sentences Pdf. Connect coding to any subject and encourage students of all levels to discover computer programming! Try Creative Coding for free. It leaves you hanging. This type of sentence structure is important for IELTS because to get awarded a band 6 or higher for your 'grammatical range and accuracy', you need to The more varied and the more accurate your complex sentences are, the higher the band score for this. Declarative and Interrogative Sentences A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought. There are four kinds of sentences: simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex.

What are simple, compound, and complex sentences?

Sentence formation is one of the key ingredients to good writing. There are several forms of sentences you can use in your writing — simple, compound, complex and compound-complex — and knowing how to use all of them will allow you to express your ideas with clarity and in great detail. You'll also be able to add variety to your work to keep the reader interested.

Sentence Structure 2. Adding Variety to Sentence Structure To make your writing more interesting and give it a distinct VOICE, you should try to vary your sentences in terms of length and structure. You can make some of your sentences long and others short.

Activities to support the strategy

One thing that ProWritingAid is great at pointing out is the variety of sentence lengths you use in your writing. You know that varying the lengths creates a more lyrical bend to your writing. Simple, compound, and complex sentences are all ways of varying the length. A simple sentence has only the most elemental building blocks of a sentence: a subject and a verb used in a complete thought, also called an independent clause. Kristina drank her morning coffee. Kristina showered and dressed. Simple sentences are usually short.

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