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what is cp and cpk pdf

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Dynamic Process Capability Indices

Histogram Cp Cpk Cheat Sheet. Knowledge Base Online User Guide. Cp is the capability index. It doesn't care if the process is centered within the limits only if it would fit if it was centered. Cpk is the centering capability index.

Specification Specifications define product requirements. In other words, they define what is expected from an item for it to be usable. The upper specification limit USL is the upper limit of the specified range. Similarly the lower specification limit LSL is the lower limit of the specified range. See: Specifications.

Cpk vs Ppk? What Is The Difference and Why It Is Important

Note: The specifications must relate to customer requirements and customer expectations. This will involve a continuous communication with the customer. The Information you need, provided in an easy to understand visual format. Process Capability is a relatively simple statistical measure which provides an estimate on the level of process outputs which will be within permitted specification limits. It provides a comparison between the output of a process versus the process specifications. The process capability measure therefore allows comparison between desired levels of process capability and the actual performance levels of a process.

Cp, Pp, Cpk, and Ppk are capability and performance indicators for your process. Is a process capable? Is the process acceptable? How is the process actually behaving vs how it theoretically could be behaving? These are questions you can ask during a DMAIC project during both the measure phase if you have good, existing data or in the control phase after you have implemented your changes. To begin to answer these questions it all starts with customer requirements and the follow up with what we know mathematically about the variation of the process.

•Cp: process capability index. •Cpk: minimum process capability index. •Pp: process performance index. •Ppk: minimum process performance index. •Definition: “ Process Capability is the measured, inherent variation of the product turned out.

Process Capability & Performance (Pp, Ppk, Cp, Cpk)

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Cpk vs Ppk - Cp vs Pp


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