Hydraulic system modeling and simulation pdf

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hydraulic system modeling and simulation pdf

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Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Lift for Car Hydraulic System

Systems Modeling and Simulation pp Cite as. The paper deals with an optimization of a process control system — three tank hydraulic system. As most advanced control strategies are usually model based the appropriate environment which enables efficient modelling, simulation and optimization, is very important. In spite of the fact that Matlab is a very common tool in process and control engineering, its simulation environment Simulink is due to the lack of object orientation not very effective. Modelica is used for OO physical modelling.

Based on the analysis of a typical elevator for car hydraulic system, a general modular simulation model is established. Through the case study of initial cavity volume and load change different effects on the dynamic performance of hydraulic system, the conclusion is found that the increase in initial cavity volume and load are conducive to reducing the hydraulic impact at the starting moment, but have an adverse effect on the dynamic performance at the stopping moment, and that the time to reach the steady state increases. Request Permissions. China Mechanical Engineering: pages , Master thesis, Zhejiang University, March All Rights Reserved.


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Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. This paper describes a unified approach to modeling and simulation of hydraulic systems using bond graphs. Unlike the others, the causalities are not applied in bond graph settings. This leads that mathematical model is generated in the form of differential algebraic equation DAEs and solved as such by suitable solver.

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Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Lift for Car Hydraulic System

In the combined transportation of multiple girder transport vehicles, the lifting of multiple hydraulic cylinders must ensure a certain synchronization accuracy, otherwise the bridge structure will be damaged, and even serious construction accidents will occur. The synchronous lifting of a large prefabricated bridge is studied. According to the requirements of synchronous lifting of the bridge, the appropriate control strategy is selected and the hydraulic system of synchronous lifting device is designed. The mathematical model of the synchronous lifting hydraulic system is established, and the fuzzy PID controller is applied. The simulation of the fuzzy adaptive PID control system for the synchronous lifting device is carried out by using MATLAB simulation software, and the simulation results indicate that the rationality of the control system is verified.

Gerdes, J. September 1, September ; 3 : — This paper presents reduced-order models of brake system dynamics derived from a physical modeling perspective. The vacuum booster model combines a static control valve with dynamic air flows, resulting in the ability to easily reproduce both static hysteresis effects and rapid transients.

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