Thesis on market chain analysis of teff and wheat prodaction pdf

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thesis on market chain analysis of teff and wheat prodaction pdf

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Teff, A Rising Global Crop: Current Status of Teff Production and Value Chain

Teff accounts for the largest share of the cultivated area and the major cash crops grown mainly for market in the study area. Out of the total grain crop area in the country, Cereals teff is the first In Ethiopia area coverage and production. The scientific name of teff is Eragrostis teff Zucc. Vavilov,

Markets are important for economic growth and development of a given country to ensure sustainable supply of food. Failure of market leads to failure of adoption of new technology which is necessary for increasing productivity. Sorghum has been considered as a strategic crop by the Ethiopian government aiming at enhancing food security and essential source of income for farmers as whole economic benefits to the country. The objective of this study was analyzing factors determining smallholder sorghum farmer decision to participate in output market and level of marketed output smallholder farmers in Kafta-Humera district of Tigeray Ethiopia. Descriptive and Tobit regression analyses were used to determine the key factors that influence household participation in the market in terms of volumes of product sales. The study identified that quantity of sorghum supplied to the market was positively affected by credit, extension contact, training, sorghum farm size, current price of sorghum and education, while family size and lagged price of sesame negatively affected.

Use of this Web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Special Issues. Contact Us. Change code. International Journal of Agricultural Economics. Among the most important crops grown in Ethiopia wheat is one, both as a source of food and income generating venture for farmers in the country.

Determinants Sorghum Market among Smallholder Farmers in Kafta Humera District Tigeray Ethiopia

In Jimma zone of Oromia National Regional state, Tomato is a most important nutritional vegetable crop, which is mainly produced by smallholder farmers. The study was to under taken with the specific objectives of identifying actors in tomato value chain, analysing marketing margins; analysing factors affecting tomato supply and examining market outlet choice for selling tomato. The data were collected from both primary and secondary sources. The primary data for this study were collected from farmers from four kebeles and 40 traders. Descriptive and econometric methods of data analyses were used. The value chain analysis revealed that the major actors in the Woreda are input suppliers, producers, brokers, collectors, wholesalers, retailers, consumers and supportive services. Tomato passes through several intermediaries with little value being added before reaching the end users.

The global dominance of the three crops, maize, wheat, and rice in the current food system has raised an alarm. Heavy dependence on these crops can limit our capacity to deal with food shortage and dietary imbalance. Teff Eragrostis tef , a warm-season annual cereal, is one of the underutilized crops that can contribute to food security and crop diversification. Teff contains high and unique nutritional values, which will meet the need of health-conscious consumers. It is also a low risk crop, which resists many biotic and abiotic stresses. Currently, Ethiopia is the largest teff producing country, and the only country to have adopted teff as a staple crop. Instead, other countries such as USA are increasingly participating in the teff market.

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MARKET CHAIN ANALYSIS OF TEFF (Eragrostistef): THE CASE OF. DEJEN DISTRICT, EAST A Thesis Submitted to the School of Agricultural Economics and Teff is the second most important cash crop at national level after coffee (​Efaet al., ).Teff Inc., USA.

Teff, A Rising Global Crop: Current Status of Teff Production and Value Chain

I recommend that it be submitted as fulfillment of the Thesis requirement. We recommended that the Thesis is accepted as fulfilling the Thesis requirement for the Degree of Master of Science in Agriculture Agricultural Economics. This thesis has been submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for M. I solemnly declare that this thesis is not submitted to any other institution anywhere for the award of any academic degree, diploma, or certificate. Brief quotations from this thesis are allowable without special permission provided that accurate acknowledgement of source is made.

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wheat value chain analysis:in the case of laniforo district

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