Total product average product and marginal product pdf

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total product average product and marginal product pdf

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The optimization process entails an analysis of the relation between the total and marginal values of a function. Therefore, it is useful to introduce the concepts of total, average, and marginal products for the resources employed in a production system.

Question 1. Explain the concept of a production function. Question 2. What is the total product of an input?

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Our analysis of production and cost begins with a period economists call the short run. For example, a restaurant may regard its building as a fixed factor over a period of at least the next year. It would take at least that much time to find a new building or to expand or reduce the size of its present facility. Decisions concerning the operation of the restaurant during the next year must assume the building will remain unchanged. Other factors of production could be changed during the year, but the size of the building must be regarded as a constant.

Total product of a factor is the amount of total output produced by a given amount of the factor, other factors held constant. As the amount of a factor increases, the total output increases. It will be seen from Table Thus, when one unit of labour is used with a given quantity of capital 80 units of output are produced. With two units of labour units of output are produced, and with three units of labour total product of labour increases to units and so on.

Some sell identical products, others differentiated products. Some have three or four firms of nearly equal size, others have one large dominate firm a clear industry leader and a handful of smaller firms that follow the leader. Whatever products they may sell, and however they may be organized, oligopolistic industries share several behavioral tendencies, including 1 interdependence, 2 rigid prices, 3 nonprice competition, 4 mergers, and 5 collusion. In other words, each oligopolistic firm keeps a close eye on the decisions made by other firms in the industry interdependence , are reluctant to change prices rigid prices , but instead try to attract the competitors customers using incentives other than prices nonprice competition , and when they get tired of competing with their competitors they are inclined to cooperate either legally mergers or illegally collusion. If marginal product is less than average product, then average product declines. If marginal product is greater than average product, then average product rises. If marginal product is equal to average product, then average product does not change.


In economics, the marginal product of labor MP L is the change in output that results from employing an added unit of labor. The marginal product of a factor of production is generally defined as the change in output resulting from a unit or infinitesimal change in the quantity of that factor used, holding all other input usages in the production process constant. The marginal product of labor is then the change in output Y per unit change in labor L. In discrete terms the marginal product of labor is:. In continuous terms, the MP L is the first derivative of the production function :. There is a factory which produces toys. When there are no workers in the factory, no toys are produced.

In order to produce goods and services which can be sold, and generate revenue and profits , a firm must purchase or hire scarce inputs, which are its factors of production. These factors can be fixed or variable. Fixed factors are those that do not change as output is increased or decreased, and typically include premises such as its offices and factories, and capital equipment such as machinery and computer systems. Variable factors are those that do change with output, which means more are employed when production increases, and less when production decreases. Typical variable factors include labour, energy, and raw materials directly used in production.

We are now going to focus on the what is behind the supply curve. Profits equal total revenue minus total costs. Total revenue is equal to price times quantity and we examined their relationship in the elasticity section. This section focuses on the second part of the equation, costs. In order to produce, we must employ resources, i. What happens to output as more resources are employed? We can demonstrate the impact of adding more of a variable resource, say labor, to a fixed amount of capital and see what happens to output.

Table Total Product, Marginal Product, and. Average Product of Labor with Fixed Capital. Page 2. Figure Production. Relationships with Variable. Labor.

Relationship Between Total Product Average Product and Marginal Product

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Physical Production : Total Product, Aver­age Product and Marginal Product

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Since inputs cannot take negative values, marginal product is unexplained at zero degree of input employment. For any degree of an input, the sum of marginal.


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