Medicinal chemistry a molecular and biochemical approach pdf

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medicinal chemistry a molecular and biochemical approach pdf

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Organic & Medicinal Chemistry International Journal

Deusinglaan 1, Groningen, The Netherlands E-mail: a. Covalent inhibitors are recognized as an important component in drug discovery and therapeutics. The numerous advantages of covalent inhibitors are counteracting the initial concerns regarding potential off-target toxicity. Thus, continuous research, especially for cancer targets is reported. The aim of this review is to provide a short historic overview and focus on recently developed covalent inhibitors — , including structural aspects and examples on challenging targets.

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Book Medicinal Chemistry A Molecular and Biochemical Approach in pdf

The fundamental role of copper and the recognition of its complexes as important bioactive compounds in vitro and in vivo aroused an ever-increasing interest in these agents as potential drugs for therapeutic intervention in various diseases. The vast array of information available for their bioinorganic properties and mode of action in several biological systems, combined with the new opportunities offered by the flourishing technologies of medicinal chemistry, is creating an exciting scenario for the development of a novel generation of highly active drugs with minimized side effects which could add significantly to the current clinical research and practice. In this paper we attempt to summarize all the available-to-date information on these issues. Copper exhibits considerable biochemical action either as an essential trace metal or as a constituent of various exogenously administered compounds in humans. In its former role it is bound to ceruloplasmin, albumin, and other proteins, while in its latter it is bound to ligands of various types forming complexes that interact with biomolecules, mainly proteins and nucleic acids. The multifaceted role of copper in biological systems is demonstrated by several studies.

Medicinal Chemistry

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The research activities of the section for Organic and Medicinal Chemistry are focused on the organic synthesis and analyses of functional molecules at the interface between chemistry and biology with an emphasis on the development of clinical drug candidates for therapeutically relevant indications. Our Medicinal Chemistry activities span from hit identification, through hit to lead development and lead optimization to delivering active pharmaceutical ingredients APIs for in vitro and in vivo studies. Our focus is on the development of clinical candidates with our industry partners and includes the structural analysis of the target proteins and their complexes and results in the delivery of novel and patentable small organic ligands for clinical trials by using a combination of classical SAR profiling and state of the art fragment-based approaches. Our activities in the area of Organic Synthesis and Synthetic Methodology are focused around the multi-step syntheses of catalysts and APIs. Our core competence in Organic Synthesis and implementation of computational chemistry allow for a flexible research strategy for catalyst development and drug discovery.

Medicinal Chemistry a peer-reviewed journal, aims to cover all the latest outstanding developments in medicinal chemistry and rational drug design. Articles are published rapidly by taking full advantage of Internet technology for both the submission and peer review of manuscripts. Medicinal Chemistry is an essential journal for all involved in drug design and discovery. Search Advanced Search.

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The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry

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