Latest science and technology current affairs pdf 2019 till july on telegram

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latest science and technology current affairs pdf 2019 till july on telegram

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Science and Technology Strategy. Science and Technology is an important part of Prelims syllabus. It covers not only the static portion but dynamic as well. The importance of Science and Technology can be seen from the number of questions asked in previous years. Last year there were more questions on environment, so less in Science.

Considering the trend, in , we can expect more number of questions from this section. While analyzing the questions, it is clear that almost all questions are analytical and demands clarity of concepts rather than only facts. This strategy will not be in consonance with other strategy that you read on IASbaba.

The reason is simple. All of you are aware of study materials to be followed. We will be no exception in telling you the same resources. After going through this article you will understand the choices we are going to create for you.

Introspect about your preparation and ask yourself? Whether UPSC questions are solvable with the approach you have? If yes, proceed and stop wasting time on any website, even IASbaba. Here, we are trying to sharpen your thought process and smart learning skills. Art is not to go through all the texts available in the market and create a book store in your room and get tensed.

It is a hard fact that people keep on piling resources in order to learn but what they earn? They earn tension, fatigue and most importantly a sense of satisfaction that they have at least read all the collections once. Here we classify the domains and let you understand the very diversified and analytical nature of questions asked.

Ours will not be a bookish or coaching strategy. You may differ, you may have your own strategy, you may like any other strategy but this is what our experience has shown us. Concentrate on following explanation s. There is no need of doing research in Physics to solve the questions. Questions from this section are basic and deal more with current happening or some phenomenon in news.

There is no need to study physics as a core subject. We are dividing the aspects to be learnt and also the way to approach it. Current Events. Current aspects of Physics can be broadly understood under following headings which are directional that you will find while reading newspapers.

It is a two-dimensional material and has good electrical conductivity. It is one of the thinnest but strongest materials tested so far. It is entirely made of silicon and has high optical transparency.

Which of the statements given above are correct? There is no need to research on INO in detail. So what to Focus on? India-based Neutrino Observatory is included by the Planning Commission as a mega science project under the 11th five-Year Plan.

In this context, consider the following statements:. Neutrinos are chargeless elementary particles that travel close to the speed of light. Neutrinos are created in nuclear reactions of beta decay.

Neutrinos have a negligible, but nonzero mass. Trillions of Neutrinos pass through human body every second. Solution d. What are the possible sources of neutrinos? Answer: D Note: Was it a shocker? This is how UPSC frames questions. Do they ask questions from heaven?

Of course not, looking at the questions asked, can anyone tell the sources to prepare? So the purpose is to understand and know the trend on which your preparation has to be based.

Now, let us look into one more buzzing issue of recent times. Now, this is something UPSC may be interested in. Keep asking yourself, if you need to learn everything about Dark Energy and Dark Matter? In a day, you have 24 hours and UPSC requires you to prepare hell of subjects and domains.

Note: Are you able to focus now? Or still confused or stuck with bulging notes or books? If yes, then you need to introspect about your preparation strategy. If this article is making sense to you then proceed to next level and decide accordingly. Hence the questions asked in the last 3 years could have been answered though some thought it was tricky.

Electromagnetic radiation 2. Geothermal energy 3. Gravitational force 4. Plate movements 5. Rotation of the earth 6. Revolution of the earth. Which of the above are responsible for bringing dynamic changes on the surface of the earth? Note: Recent trend suggests that a question can be put in geography, environment as well as Science domain depending on various dimensions.

For example, above question is evidently asking for physical forces that we learnt in Physics but then the scope of the question also covers geographical aspect as well. Do not get puzzled over such points whether the question is from Physics or Geography or anything. Basically, UPSC is framing questions on concepts and a single question can have one concept or five concepts at the same time.

Now let us check any random issue from Current Affairs of this year. Recently Solar Flares were in news. Consider the statements with reference to it. Meeting of cumulonimbus clouds in the sky 2. Lightning that separates the nimbus clouds 3. Violent upward movement of air and water particles. Size of the sun at dusk 2. Colour of the sun at dawn 3. Moon being visible at dawn 4.

Twinkle of stars in the sky 5. Polestar being visible in the sky. Chemical Science: Chemistry and Current Events. Note: You will find lots of articles in newspapers dealing with chemistry. Here at IASbaba, we will be updating you on everyday basis on How to pick the issue and solve questions. Note: See these questions from Current affairs and learn. Everyone has learnt or found news about sugar industries and issues related to it. Have you pondered upon chemistry aspect? Everyone knows that Ethanol is used as Fuel.

It is also a by-product of Sugar making process. Now let us enhance the concept. Note: Do not get threatened as you will learn gradually. The process of concept building takes time. Once you learn this way, preparation becomes more enjoyable. Also, concept building cannot be taught. It has to come from within. Yes, you just need a way to build it. There is no guarantee in UPSC but there is way to understand its nerves.

Questions from this section are random and analytical. No one can meditate and tell you that these are the sources to prepare from. And no single book will suffice the demand of it. No institute will let you know the requirement.


Science and Technology Strategy. Science and Technology is an important part of Prelims syllabus. It covers not only the static portion but dynamic as well. The importance of Science and Technology can be seen from the number of questions asked in previous years. Last year there were more questions on environment, so less in Science.

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