Its so easy and other lies pdf

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its so easy and other lies pdf

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Its So Easy (and other lies): The Autobiography by Duff McKagan

He is best known for his twelve-year tenure as the bassist of the hard rock band Guns N' Roses , with whom he achieved worldwide success in the late s and early s. Following his departure from Guns N' Roses in , McKagan briefly reunited with his pre-success Seattle punk band 10 Minute Warning , before forming the still-active hard rock band Loaded , in which he performs lead vocals and rhythm guitar. He briefly performed with Alice in Chains in , with Jane's Addiction in and joined the supergroup Hollywood Vampires in In addition to his musical career, McKagan has established himself as a writer. He has written weekly columns on a wide variety of topics for SeattleWeekly. He has been called "Duff" since toddlerhood, to which he once referred as "an Irish thing". In , at the age of 15, McKagan formed the punk band the Vains, in which he played bass; they released the single "School Jerks" in

Share this book:. Rate this book. I have never been a huge fan for GN'R, though I like a few songs. I heard Duff McKagan interviewed on a local radio show and I was really impressed by his intelligence and candidness about his past as a drug and alcohol addict. I bought this book as "research" for my novel.

Read Book [PDF] It's So Easy: and other lies FOR ANY DEVICE

Browse our picks. Looking for something new to add to your Watchlist? See the full gallery. Based on his New York Times best-selling memoir and featuring exclusive archival footage, this authorized music documentary of Duff McKagan - founding member and bass player for Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver and other bands - chronicles his meteoric rise to fame and fortune, his near-fatal struggles with alcohol and drug addiction, and his remarkable life transformation. Written by XLrator Media.

Check out Scribid. Audiobook Check out Audiobooks. Really enjoyed this book, so much that I hated finishing it. Original and thoroughly readable style. Duff comes across as a sincere, genuinely nice guy who gives us a glimpse into his life with and without GN'R. Plenty of history for GN'R fans.

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. McKagan, Duff. It's so easy: (and other lies) / Duff McKagan. p. cm. “A Touchstone Book.” 1. McKagan, Duff.

It's So Easy: and other lies

Come along with me on some of the most important photoshoots of my career, spanning America to Asia, from homes to airports to high rises. Things go right, and things also go wrong — so, so wildly wrong — but creating great images is job number one, and at the end of the day we have to produce something great no matter the circumstances. Leaving critical equipment miles away at home, dealing with indigestion halfway around the world, and smashed art objects are just a few of the problems faced throughout the stories told in the book.

In , at the age of twenty, Duff McKagan left his native Seattle—partly to pursue music but mainly to get. In , at the age of twenty, Duff McKagan left his native Seattle—partly to pursue music but mainly to get away from a host of heroin overdoses then decimating his closest group of friends in the local punk scene. But that kind of glory can take its toll, and it did—ultimately—on Duff, as well as on the band itself.

Its So Easy (and other lies): The Autobiography

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