China pakistan economic corridor and its implications pdf

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china pakistan economic corridor and its implications pdf

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Center for Strategic & International Studies

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Five years later, a quarter of announced projects have been completed, energy projects dominate, and industrialization efforts are lagging, according to data collected by the CSIS Reconnecting Asia Project and made available to the public here. Using official targets, however, the CPEC has underperformed. By , Pakistan was again facing unsustainable debt levels and sought assistance from China, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. In , Pakistan received a bailout from the International Monetary Fund, and its economy mostly appeared to be moving in reverse : growth slowed to 3. Less than half 54 out of projects are completed or under construction. These activities reflect a broad definition that counts projects announced by either side as well as media reports associating them with the CPEC.

The politics of the China―Pakistan economic corridor

Metrics details. Provincial connectivity and growth are connected to visualization of mutual progress and economic development. This paper proposes to illuminate the significant Geo-strategic importance, opportunities and challenges for China Pakistan Economic Corridor, and it envisages to broaden the base, by including energy rich, Tajikistan economic role model Turkey and strategically located Iran. Hence, this paper provides a holistic view of previous researches on the planned subject and is not involving any data analysis as existing researches had used for analyzing a review of prospects and challenges. Transportation plays a key role in developing a country. Pakistan and China share an evergreen friendly relationship and are most trustworthy and all-weather friends known as iron brothers Sial ; Tharoor

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express its forthright opposition to CPEC, condemning projects in the Gilgit-​Baltistan region domestic discourse on the significance of CPEC for China.

China–Pakistan Economic Corridor

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Center for Strategic & International Studies

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plethora of developments and their impacts will be multiplied (see Fig 1, Internal CPEC will be fate and game-changer of Pakistan for its respective economies (Accessed 13 August ).

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China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)


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