What is ram and its types pdf

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what is ram and its types pdf

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Introduction to Computing. Random access means that each individual byte in entire memory can be access directly. RAM is used to store data and instructions temporarily.

types of ram and rom pdf

RAM is volatile in nature, it means if the power goes off, the stored information is lost. Most of the programs and data that are modifiable are stored in RAM. The SRAM memories consist of circuits capable of retaining the stored information as long as the power is applied. That means this type of memory requires constant power.

Thus this type of memories is called volatile memories. The below figure shows a cell diagram of SRAM. A latch is formed by two inverters connected as shown in the figure. Two transistors T1 and T2 are used for connecting the latch with two bit lines. The purpose of these transistors is to act as switches that can be opened or closed under the control of the word line, which is controlled by the address decoder.

When the word line is at 0-level, the transistors are turned off and the latch remains its information. For example, the cell is at state 1 if the logic value at point A is 1 and at point B is 0. This state is retained as long as the word line is not activated.

For Read operation , the word line is activated by the address input to the address decoder. The activated word line closes both the transistors switches T1 and T2. Then the bit values at points A and B can transmit to their respective bit lines.

For Write operation , the address provided to the decoder activates the word line to close both the switches. DRAM stores the binary information in the form of electric charges that applied to capacitors. The stored information on the capacitors tend to lose over a period of time and thus the capacitors must be periodically recharged to retain their usage.

The main memory is generally made up of DRAM chips. Information is stored in a DRAM cell in the form of a charge on a capacitor and this charge needs to be periodically recharged. For storing information in this cell, transistor T is turned on and an appropriate voltage is applied to the bit line. This causes a known amount of charge to be stored in the capacitor. After the transistor is turned off, due to the property of the capacitor, it starts to discharge. Hence, the information stored in the cell can be read correctly only if it is read before the charge on the capacitors drops below some threshold value.

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Different Types of RAM? Explain in Detail

RAM is more expensive to incorporate. The information stored in the RAM is basically loaded … ROM is read-only and cannot be removed whether the computer is on or off. Every location can be accessed independently. Types of ROM. RAM is made in electronic chips made of so called semiconductor material, just like processors and many other types of chips.

What is RAM memory

The User can write information to it and read information from it. With Ram any location can be reached in a fixed and short amount of time after specifying its address. The RAM is a volatile memory, it means information written to it can be accessed as long as power is on.

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Nearly every computing-capable device needs RAM. Take a look at your favorite device e.


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