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essay on students and politics pdf

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Student Politics in Bangladesh

The most important duty of students is to study their subjects well. They should attend their classes regularly and listen to their teachers attentively. In fact, quite a few students do not properly study in schools, colleges and universities or at home. They show much interest in politics, and discuss political matters with each other and sometimes with members or leaders of different political parties. Some also try to become members of political parties and then begin supporting them.

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You should also see Essay on Human Rights. It is hotly debated whether students should take part in politics or not. Politicians misguide them. They are tempted or even dragged into politics. They use the youth force for their personal benefits. That is why, it is said that politics should be a forbidden fruit for students. Johnson said:.


Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Students are mainly at a tender age and cannot make proper political judgements as they can be easily misled by emotional values or brainwashed by big leaders from big political parties and with the political parties realising the benefits of harvesting voters young, university elections have entered the big league. Big money, big campaigns, big names and big intimidation. Unfortunately, it is not really so. Infact , the They, being young have no patience, are lively and malleable.

Want to share anything with us? You can reach us at Gr8 A mbition Z Gmail. Students and Politics - Is it Healthy or Not? Overview Define political movement. Student's involvement in politics. National level parties have their student wings. Advantages of participating in student politics.

Students and Politics. Student of today are the future guardian of our nations destiny. Political consciousness is, therefore an indispensable factor contributing to the growth and development of a healthy public opinion on the part of future pillars of the nation. Students must cultivate a sublime sense of discipline, which is one of the first essential requisites of democracy. Should students take part in politics or not, has been one of the most baffling questions before all nations. Those who oppose the participation of students in politics argue that politics is a dirty game.

Student Should Not Take Part in Politics

Politics incorporates all activities related to attaining and maintaining power in a government or influences the actions and policies of governance. Political movements mean active participation, taking procession, organizing public meetings, shouting political slogans, condemning a party, or accepting another; Today many students are involved in such activities. It is just that they are talking about their voice Need a platform to think in and share your thoughts with others: This platform is offered by universities and colleges Has been, which creates breeding grounds for new ideas, concepts, processes, beliefs and leaders.

It is said that education is the backbone of a nation and the students are its future. Student life should be spent in study and interaction with all in order to gain knowledge and groom oneself as an ideal human being. But at present the alarming fact is that student politics is considered as a powerful weapon for the political parties in Bangladesh.

They are the moulders and builders of future India. Political consciousness is, therefore, an indispensable factor contributing to the growth and development of a nation. Students of India must cultivate a sublime sense of discipline, which is one of the essential requisites of democracy.