History of india and indian national movement in telugu pdf

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history of india and indian national movement in telugu pdf

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The Indian National Congress is one of two major political parties in India. The Indian National Congress was founded in , initially with the goal of pursuing moderate reform under the British raj in India. Its roots are in the early Indian nationalist movement that arose from the Indian Rebellion of The Indian National Congress was initially focused on moderate reform under the British raj in India. However, some early 20th-century activists began to boycott British imports and promote Indian goods, garnering the support of a wide swath of social classes. Although tensions between the Congress Party and the raj escalated during World War II , by these tactics had secured independence for India. Since independence, the party has traditionally supported socialist economic policies within a mixed economy , although in the s it supported more conservative economic reforms.

The Indian independence movement was a series of historic events with the ultimate aim of ending the British rule in India. The movement spanned from to The first nationalistic revolutionary movement for Indian independence emerged from Bengal. The early part of the 20th century saw a more radical approach towards political self-rule proposed by leaders such as the Lal Bal Pal triumvirate , Aurobindo Ghosh and V. Chidambaram Pillai. The last stages of the self-rule struggle from the s was characterized by Congress's adoption of Mahatma Gandhi 's policy of non-violence and civil disobedience, and several other campaigns.

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Modern Indian History in Telugu – Complete Study Material in PDF – Free Modern Indian History & National Movement Study Material Textbook in Independence Movement, Socio-cultural movements in Modern India etc.

The Government and Politics of India

Although faced with the challenge of uniting a vast population diverse in culture, language and religion, he successfully established various economic, social and educational reforms that earned him the respect and admiration of millions of Indians. His daughter, Indira Gandhi, and grandson, Rajiv Gandhi, later served as prime ministers. Jawaharlal Nehru was born into an affluent Kashmiri Brahman family in Allahabad on November 14,

The Hindu nationalists who later came to populate the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP and its various ideological affiliates have consistently harbored a starkly different view; they envision India as a majoritarian nation-state, not a multicultural one. To understand these dynamics, it is necessary to define basic concepts and review relevant history. This is because political entrepreneurs who promote ethnoreligious identities—especially Hindu nationalist ideologues—have created much confusion around the notion of secularism, claiming that its proponents have endeavored to make the state hostile or indifferent to religion. That was certainly not the intention of the architects of modern India, whose enemy was not religion, but communalism. Nationalist forces aside, all is not well with Indian secularism.

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This movement was started as a reaction to the partition of Bengal which was came to be known in , formally announced in July and came into force from October The motive of the British is to weaken the Nationalists activity by the partition of Bengal. Mitra by using the methods like public meetings, petitions, memoranda etc. Boycott of foreign cloth, Forming Samitis, use of traditional festivals for the propagation of the movement, swadeshi or national education,swadeshi enterprises promotion, Propagation through paintings, poetry, songs are the methods used in the movement. Home Rule Movement in India was started on the same lines of the movement in Ireland to convey the concept of the self-government to the common man. This movement started in September in the rest of India led by Annie Beasant.

Links are provided to buy the books online at a discounted price. Ancient History. The year period covered in this book details about the sequence of events and the empires that governed different parts of the country from the eighth to the eighteenth century. Medieval History. Take a Free Test. This book is a social understanding of the factors that allowed British rulers to rule over India and not a political narrative.

The Revolutionary movement for Indian Independence is a part of the Indian independence movement comprising the actions of the underground revolutionary factions. Groups believing in armed revolution against the ruling British fall into this category, as opposed to the generally peaceful civil disobedience movement spearheaded by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. More groups were scattered across India. They were protesting changes to the traditional agrarian system introduced by the British in the first half of the nineteenth century. Those changes, which included the introduction of the ryotwari system and other attempts to maximize revenue impacted lower-status cultivators by depleting their crops and leaving them impoverished.

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Revolutionary movement for Indian independence


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