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fazlur rahman islam and modernity pdf

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Fazlur Rahman was one of the great 20th-century Muslim modernists, whose prolific writing and sheer number of students who make up a who's who of Islamic studies throughout North America reveal the impact that he has had on both academe and on Muslim communities throughout the world. The modernist approach is contrasted with the radical approach of Mawlana Mawdudi of Pakistan. The comparison is made richer by the fact that the two men knew each other personally.

Islam and Modernity

He is renowned as a prominent liberal reformer of Islam, who devoted himself to educational reform and the revival of independent reasoning ijtihad. Although his works were widely respected by other Islamic reformers, they were also heavily criticized by conservative scholars as being overtly liberal. His father, Maulana Shihab al-Din, was a well-known scholar of the time who had studied at Deoband and had achieved the rank of alim , through his studies of Islamic law , prophetic narrations , Quran'ic commentaries , logic , philosophy and other subjects. Although Fazlur Rahman may not have himself attended a Darul uloom traditional seat of Islamic knowledge , his father acquainted him with the traditional Islamic sciences, and he eventually memorized the entire Qur'an at the age of ten. Afterwards, he began a teaching career, first at Durham University , where he taught Persian and Islamic philosophy, and then at McGill University , where he taught Islamic studies until In that year, he returned to Pakistan at the behest of President Ayub Khan to head up the Central Institute of Islamic Research in Karachi which was set up by the Pakistani government in order to implement Islam into the daily dealings of the nation.

This paper aims to reveal the problematic Islamic education perspective of Fazlur Rahman and the thinking of renewal of its renewal. The emergence of Rahman's ideas is motivated by his appreciation of the development of Islamic education in the modern era in some predominantly Muslim countries such as Turkey, Indonesia, Egypt and Pakistan. According to Fazlur Rahman Islamic education in these countries are still faced with problems; Educational goals are not directed toward positive goals. The dichotomy of the education system. The low quality of the students, the emergence of broken and unborn persons who have deep spiritual and intellectual commitment to Islam.

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Fazlur Rahman - Islam and Modernity

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6 Qurʾanic Values and Modernity in Contemporary Islamic Ethics

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Fazlur Rahman Malik

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