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psychological contract and employee engagement pdf

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Keeping HR professionals at the forefront of industry change. HR professionals are familiar with contracts. In almost every industry, companies ask potential new employees to sign at least one form or another. In some cases, there are multiple types. The concept of the psychological contract was originally developed by Denise Rousseau.

The Importance of the Psychological Contract

The purpose of this study was to investigate the moderating effect of job satisfaction and organisational support on the relationship between psychological contract breach and work engagement. An experimental design involving quantitative research methodology was used, conducting a survey of 1 respondents. The relationship between psychological contract breach and work engagement is more complex than previous studies suggest: This research concludes that job satisfaction moderates the relationship between psychological contract breach and work engagement. Organisational support, however, does not have a significant moderating effect on this relationship. It was also limited to South African organisations; comparative studies in other African countries and other emerging markets would be useful. Psychological contract breach has an adverse effect on work engagement. This finding is particularly important for organisations going through economic difficulties with resultant resource losses - that are perceived by employees as a breach of psychological contract.

Psychological contract, engagement and employee discretionary behaviours: Perspectives from Uganda

This paper aims to examine psychological contract contents, as perceived by two parties of the employment relationship, the employee and the employer. The study is conducted in two phases. Study 1 employs critical incidence technique CIT to elicit from individuals their perceptions regarding organization obligations. Study 2 is designed to corroborate the findings of the first study through a survey of employees and 66 employer representatives functional heads. The results of the two studies are consonant with existing literature; nevertheless the role of culture on psychological contract contents is visible. The study reveals variation in employee and employer perspective regarding organizational obligations.

Exploring psychological contract contents in India: the employee and employer perspective

Psychological contract breach PCB may trigger negative attitudes in employees and ultimately cause further negative behaviors. By drawing on social exchange theory, this study aims to explore the link between PCB and counterproductive work behavior CWB by focusing on the mediating role of organizational cynicism and work alienation. We administered a cross-sectional survey of energy company front-line employees. The conceptual model was examined via structural equation modeling. The results suggested that organizational cynicism and work alienation sequentially mediated the relationship between PCB and CWB.

About the Author s. The Author s. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Orientation: Changing organisational dynamics have caused a need for organisations to understand the employment relationship processes and outcomes in order to improve organisational effectiveness, increase productivity and retain talented employees. Motivation for the study: The study was motivated by the findings of a climate survey at an institute of higher education, indicating that many employees were dissatisfied and believed that their expectations were not met by the organisation.

The psychological contract

SA Journal of Human Resource Management

The purpose of this paper is to examine the mediation effect of employee engagement on the relationship between employer obligations, employee obligations and state of the psychological contract and employee discretionary behaviours. The empirical data were collected using self-administered questionnaires with participants from 11 commissions and three agencies in the public service in Uganda. The authors used hierarchical regression analysis to investigate the hypotheses. The results indicate that employer obligations, employee obligations and state of the psychological contract were positively related to employee discretionary behaviours. In addition, employee engagement was found to be a partial mediator between employee obligations, employer obligations and state of the psychological contract and discretionary behaviours among for both subordinate and supervisory staffs. Since little is known about the process by which public service commissions and agencies in Uganda promote employer obligations, employee obligations and state of the psychological contract on discretionary behaviours, this paper contributes to the literature by examining human resource management practices in a developing country context. Kasekende, F.

On its own, the legal contract of employment offers a limited understanding of the employment relationship, with workers contributing little to its terms after accepting them. In this sense, the psychological contract may be more influential. It describes the perceptions of the relationship between employers and workers and influences how people behave from day to day. At its core, the psychological contract is built on the everyday actions and statements made by one party and how they are perceived and interpreted by the other.

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SA Journal of Human Resource Management

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