Al ries and jack trout marketing warfare pdf

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al ries and jack trout marketing warfare pdf

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Marketing Warfare Book Summary, by Al Ries, Jack Trout

Want to get the main points of Marketing Warfare in 20 minutes or less? Read a quick 1-Page Summary, a Full Summary, or watch video summaries curated by our expert team. The correct answer is to beat the competition. That way, you can succeed in business. With mass media becoming popular after World War II, companies started thinking about their customers and how they could please them.

Because of this focus on the customer, today all companies use similar tactics to try to capture them as customers. To succeed in business today, companies should focus on their competitors. They should study them and find ways to beat them.

This is the way the world works now. There are a lot of myths that stem from the current customer-oriented outlook. One is that the better product will win out in the marketplace. To attack someone else, you need to bring overwhelming force against them while they just need to maintain a defense. A survey of twenty-five brands from shows that four are still the most popular today out of five who have dropped in popularity.

Those four did well because they defended themselves and repelled attacks by competitors over time. There are four ways to approach the marketing battlefield. If they wipe out one of their competitors, then regulators would be upset because GM is a monopoly. A defensive strategy can be proactive in this case.

Ford is a strong number two company in the United States. They should use an offensive strategy against General Motors because they have the resources to attack and GM has more vulnerable points that can be attacked.

They should take a different approach to compete against Ford and GM. American Motors must find a way to survive with its limited resources. It should use guerrilla tactics, meaning it should look for opportunities and then run away from the competition. In order to play defense, you must be the market leader. If you were your own worst enemy, what would you do? You might introduce new products to replace the old ones so that no one else can compete with you.

You should also pay attention to what your competitors are doing and be ready for any new products they might introduce. Even if you disagree with their strategy, you need to adapt and change with the times. Like a race car driver, you must block the opponent that tries to pass you. You need to be prepared for any action your opponents might take against you.

If they cut the price of one of their products, consider how best to respond similarly as a racer would. Since they are leading in this area, regulators will watch closely what actions your company takes however so keep that in mind when deciding on your actions. Offensive marketing is closely related to defensive marketing. Then, look at their products, marketing approach, management style and employee morale. How quickly do they respond to the market?

How do they introduce new products? What is their distributor network like? You should not try to take on the entire line of products from your competitor, because they will be able to defend their position better than you can. Instead, identify a single weak point and go after it with everything you have. You can use a flanking maneuver to take customers away from your competitors when introducing new products like minicomputers, light beer, and bottled water did.

The downside is that it brings uncertainty into the marketplace since there are no guarantees for success with this type of action. Surprise is essential. It can demoralize your opponents and give you an advantage in a business setting.

When you surprise your audience, press your advantage. Keep your bags packed and be ready to bolt. You may not have reaction time before a Goliath competitor swoops in and overwhelms the market. As a smaller company, you can jump out of the market more quickly than a major player can do so.

Do it. Similarly, be ready to jump into promising developing markets that are independent of your great need to keep the big guys from nailing your hide to a wall. Companies need strategies that will propel them towards their goals and help them achieve success. A good strategy is one that is effective in achieving those goals, no matter how well the tactics or execution work out. Email address:.

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Embed Size px x x x x Jack Trout Instrumental in developing the vital approach to marketing known aspositioning, he is responsible for some of the freshest ideas to. However, the terms posi-tioning and marketing strategy should not be usedinterchangeably. Program Outline Strategy and competition. Global competition More specialisation morechoice and more confusion in the mind of the customer It's a battle of brands. Jack Trout Whirlwind St. China is moving from manufacturing to marketing with a vengeance.

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In Marketing Warfare Al Ries and Jack Trout argue that marketing is war and that the marketing concept's customer-oriented philosophy is inadequate. Rather.

Jack Trout on Strategy PDF 1768641 (1)

Want to get the main points of Marketing Warfare in 20 minutes or less? Read a quick 1-Page Summary, a Full Summary, or watch video summaries curated by our expert team. The correct answer is to beat the competition.

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing Summaryby Al Ries and Jack Trout