Old time radios restoration and repair pdf

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old time radios restoration and repair pdf

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Check back soon! Beginner's Guide To Vintage Radios. Instructions - Lessons - Illustrations.

NOT Nat. Why The eBay Links? Australian Vintage Radio Radio Servicing Information For use by legally qualified and licensed repairers only Countries have laws regulating who is legally allowed to repair or work on electrical equipment that will be plugged into the mains electricity supply. This is to protect the public from the risk of electric shock.

Old Time Radios! Restoration and Repair

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Learn about all of the benefits of being a member. Login or Register. Thread Rating:. Thread Modes. Jamie Phorum Expert. I consider myself to be an "advanced beginner" I can replace caps, I read a schematic pretty well, I can check voltages. I have some understanding of how the signal travels down the antenna and ends up coming out the speaker. I've done a good job of restoring lots of radios.

But, when it came to actual theory and understanding the details of how a radio operates, I was mostly lost. Other than replacing parts, and checking voltages, I had no real idea of how to troubleshoot a faulty set.

If you are like me, when you get stuck and a set just won't work, you search for ideas by reading forums, or asking other people. So you'd see responses like, "check the by-pass cap in the detector stage", "It's probably the cathode by-pass condensor", "Check the plate decoupling filter in the IF".. It's all kind of confusing, but you hope that someday you'll get it. I found that there are no web pages, no threads, no forums that really explain it all in common language.

This book should be required reading for all newbies and even intermediate hobbyists. It walks you through each individual stage of a radio, explains how the stage works, how to identify that stage on a schematic and how to troubleshoot that stage. It focuses on using a signal generator as the main troubleshooting tool.

I learned more by reading this book than I ever thought I'd know, and this book WILL be an invaluable reference tool, and source of information, in the future. So, if you've hung in there and read this entire post, go order this book from Amazon. It's the best money you'll spend on the radio hobby.

I can echo what PuhPow said. Although I generally do understand in pretty good detail how vintage radio circuits work and how to troubleshoot them, I picked up the book "Elements of Radio" by Marcus and Horton 2nd ed. The Marcus is the same as the book mentioned above which I also have on my bookshelf.

I find "Elements of Radio" even better for the theory. It is written in very plain language and it is all spelled out without lots of skipped steps or hand waving unlike many modern texts. In general I find that the older the book the more understandable it tends to be because of the newness of the subject matter at the time it was written. Herb S. Ithaca NY. Website Find. Eliot Ness Phorum Expert. That is a very good reference and if you're patient they'll show up on eBay or AbeBooks.

These were published from about the 40's - 60's so the later editions cover FM and perhaps transistors. The version I'm familiar with is from See the post above for the link to a free 6 part download in PDF if you want to preview it before buying a hard copy.

OldRestorer Electronic geneus. Yes, for all you newbies I have read some and am still confused, So much to learn and soooo much extra time? Oh wait, hmmm Maybe I'm just lazy : Ok enough faces, it is a good book, I have read each chapter twice Only read 5 chapters so far, Or would that be 10?

I think my laziness is Morzh and Gregg's fault. They help me too much. Ok I will shut up now Sorry I had to add that last face. Times I have been electrocuted in Well, I strongly recommend starting from basic theory. NOT from how the tube radio works, or any radio, or any device but how the electricity works. EE called electrical for a reason. Sometimes when trying to help and realizing the person on the other end does not know anything, helping becomes difficult to the point of frustration.

Almost to the point pf saying "send it to me, it will take me 2 minutes to do what I have been explaining here for several hours". Theory rules. Very basic. Very-very basic. One does not have to learn about electric field, induction, dielectric constants or what not, but you do need Ohms law, you need Joule-Lenz law, you need your impedances understanding, AC reactances, that is how a cap and inductance behave etc, and then you go for basic circuitry - trying to understand transistor before you do tubes does not hurt at all, in fact it is good as you could experiment and get a feel of how it works without subjecting yourself to the risk of dying the way they show in the Green mile.

Then you could go and understand radio, amps, generators and such. I am not sure what good books are as I learned my hobby and then the trade in a different country. If you ever could get your hands on this Svoren R. Electronics step-by-step. The practical encyclopedia of the young radio Amateur - this is, although translated from Russian, is one of the beste EVER books written for kids who want to learn electronics, and it used to have tubes in it, then there was a book about transistors etc, and generations of Soviet radio amateurs, hams and engineers grew up cutting their teeth using this very book.

I did too. And if you stumble once in a while, us more epxerienced folks here, we will gladly help you - we have people with strength in different areas, some know tubes better, some transistors, some are good in general electronics, some are also very good with history of radio and particular solutiuons used over time - it will be our pleasure.

But do your part. Bill Kinghorn Member. There are many introductory books on electronics that are just plain wrong, in addition to being wordy and long. RadioDave Junior Member. This thread is just what I needed before I stick my fingers where they don't belong.

Still getting parts together for the 90 Lowboy restoration and reading these books will keep me busy in the meantime and you guys from being pestered too much when I finally get around to it!

Thanks for the references! TA Forbes Deviate Emeritus. I lucked out and got a hold of a Navy Basic Electronics Course circa s many yeas ago. It provided me with some solid basic info to base all of my later self-taught knowledge.

Agree that there is some bad references out there.. For someone who is beginning to learn electronics this can be at best misleading and at worst a good way to get hurt. With all the stuff out there today, I'm not sure what to recommend to a beginner. But it should be something akin to the multi-volume basic electronics course that I learned from. For those of you that are like me, a self taught "technician," and I use that term loosely and with the greatest respect for you real-deal techs out there , I recommend the following: 1.

Practical Radio by Moyer and Wostrel, This book is good at helping or reminding you of the basics. I have the 15th edition, publ in This is truly one of the best reference books out there.

RCA Receiving Tube Manual Great info about tube characteristics and usage in the pages before you get into the individual tubes. This is where I got a good handle on what "mutual conductance" was. Elements of Radio Sevicing by Ghirardi. Practical Radio Repair , by Bintliff, , vol 1 and 2 Walks you through troubleshooting, also other interesting info on test equipment and different fixtures you can make yourself.

Back in the 60s when I first got interested in electronics while still in high school I started reading a home study radio servicing course that my father had taken I think around the late 40s early 50s. It is rather lengthy but very thorough. I believe it is available on Ebay in CD form very reasonable. Bendix RCA 8BX5. RCA T64 Philco

[PDF Download] Old Time Radios! Restoration and Repair [Read] Online

Moderator: Alan Voorhees. Best restoration book for a beginner? An informal area for conversations, humor and observations that aren't necessarily strictly radio related. No discussion of politics or religion. Ads are not permitted. Any suggestions?

The Philco Phorum is a family-friendly place for the discussion of Philco radios and related items. Please feel free to join us! Unlock sections of the Phorum that non-members cannot see. Sign up for Phorum membership today! Philco Phorum. Hello There, Guest!

Vintage Radio Repair Course NRI How to Manuals Restore Coils 90 Volumes Books CD

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An antique radio is a radio receiving set that is collectible because of its age and rarity. The first radio receivers used a coherer and sounding board, and were only able to receive CW continuous wave CW transmissions, encoded with Morse code wireless telegraphy. Later wireless telephony transmission and reception of speech became possible, although Morse code transmission continued in use until the s.

Antique radio

Please contact Gilles for more information. This enthusiastic group of collectors has held a local contest for the past 9 years where members take a basket case radio and in a one year period they restore it cosmetically and functionally to its former glory. SQCRA is now offering to share their experience with other clubs. To date they have signed the following clubs:.

Book 2 above was the book that helped me the most in learning radio theory. It was written specifically to teach radio theory in a nonmathmatical manner, relying on illustrations, graphs, and discussion instead of mathmatical formulas to teach theory. I read this book when I was about 14 years old, and it really opened my eyes and brought me to a new level of understanding of theory at that time. Perhaps if others add additional titles here, we can create such a list that is helpful for those who want to learn. What are some of your recommendations?

Download Old Time Radios! Restoration and Repair free book PDF Author: Joseph J. Carr Pages: ISBN: Format: Epub, PDF File size:​.

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